Thursday, March 3, 2011

Christianity is SURRENDER to JESUS!!! When a person is fully surrendered, when a CHURCH is fully surrendered then the WORLD WILL be a DIFFERENT place!

If you think this asshole for Jeebus is totally wacked out you should see the rest of his bullshit because his problem is much worse than that.

To be helpful I wrote the following comment for the insane retard:


This guy likes capital letters.

"God’s been really stretching/challenging me lately as I’ve been reading through the New Testamant."

If you really want to be challenged Mr. Worthless Preacher Man, try reading Why Evolution is True by Jerry Coyne. Or would that make your dead Jeebus cry?


UPDATE (10 minutes later):

The Christian Taliban website wasted no time. My comment was censored and I was banned (those cowards have banned me several dozen times). Too bad for them. I was just trying to help an insane asshole.

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