Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ken Miller, a brilliant biologist at Brown University in Rhode Island, is full of shit.

I have tremendous respect for Ken Miller. He brilliantly defended science education from Christian attacks against it at the Dover trial. Also, I first learned about some extremely important evidences for evolution from reading what he said at that trial.

My respect for Ken Miller does not change the fact that he has a serious problem, and that problem is while he is one of America's most important defenders of teaching evolution, he is a Christian which is another word for idiot.

He couldn't possibly be a real Christian because all Christians must believe in the disgusting magical resurrection of the dead Jeebus, and a person with his intelligence could never believe something as idiotic as zombies. But he still invokes his magical god fairy for something and he disgraces his profession when he does that.

Is Ken Miller really a theist? It's impossible to know for sure but I noticed he is making a nice profit from theism thanks to a book he wrote which has the most dishonest title I have ever seen, Finding Darwin's God, as if Darwin, the father of modern biology and the man who killed god, was capable of being stupid enough to believe in the same magical god fairy he killed.

My problem with Ken Miller is the same problem I have with all theists. They're all at least indirectly responsible for the 9/11 religious atrocities.

A visitor might complain "Where did you get the idea all theists are responsible for terrorism?" It's a fair question and the answer is simple. Terrorists have to have at least some brilliant scientists or other intelligent theists who share their childish god fantasy or else they might think they were insane. So Ken Miller, if he really is a theist, should be ashamed of himself.

I could buy his book just to find out what fantasy he invokes his fairy for, but I have a problem with spending my money on bullshit. So I searched for an answer on the internet and I found An excerpt from the concluding chapter of Finding Darwin's God.

In the book he wrote "In biological terms, evolution is the only way a Creator could have made us the creatures we are - free beings in a world of authentic and meaningful moral and spiritual choices."

Please notice the two bullshit words in that sentence, creator and spiritual.

Real scientists don't disgrace their profession with childish religious words, but Ken Miller uses those words anyway. Perhaps he's just being dishonest to make some money from gullible Christians.

If I could I would ask Ken Miller why the heck he pretends a creator exists when he is admitting it never had anything to do.

When I read the excerpt from his book it looked to me like he was making a strong case for the idea that gods are not necessary for anything. Ken Miller might think he's promoting the god idea but he seems to be always doing the exact opposite thing. An example is his excellent radio speech about evolution which visitors can both read and listen to here. In the speech he talked about evolution better than any atheist could have.

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