Friday, March 4, 2011

Something to read before I publish the two posts I promised. It's about a Mississippi moron.

This Mississippi State University student never learned how to grow up. I gave him some advice which will make his dead Jeebus cry.

I wrote the following two comments for the Deep South idiot:
Ben Hester wrote: "Specifically this practice is found in science, in which students are taught Big Bang cosmology and Darwinian Evolution in total and absolute seclusion. Any competing view, such as Intelligent Design, has been expelled from the classroom, so to speak."

What you don't understand Mr. Hester (because you have been brainwashed by your worthless preacher man) is there are exactly zero scientific alternatives. Evolution is the only scientific explanation for the diversity of life, and evolution has the advantage of being a basic scientific fact supported by countless thousands of evidences more powerful than Darwin could have ever imagined possible. You don't know anything about this evidence because you spend your time praying to your dead Jeebus instead of studying evolution.

Your "intelligent design" which are fancy code words that mean "The Magic Man Did It" is the most childish idiotic idea ever invented, and of course there's nothing scientific about your supernatural magic. Scientists don't invoke a god fairy's magic wand to solve scientific problems.

You are studying biochemistry. If you expect to be a competent scientist some day I suggest you grow up.
"Try telling your professor evolution is wrong."

You could also tell your professor the earth is flat, or the sun circles the earth. Either way you will be ridiculed because you deserve it. Evolution is a bloody fact. If you still don't understand why, stop being a lazy tard and study it.

I suggest
Why Evolution is True by Jerry Coyne.
Later another Idiot-For-Jeebus wrote "faith is only allowed in science classrooms by scientists." and this was my reply:

Wow, out of control stupidity, exactly what I would expect from the brain-dead Bible Belt.

Faith = the process of not thinking.

Faith = believing in childish religious ideas that couldn't possibly have any evidence.

Basic scientific facts like evolution (the foundation of modern biology) do not require faith. What evolution has that your idiotic Magical Intelligent Design Creationism doesn't have is evidence, tons of it, extremely powerful evidence from several branches of science.

Grow up mister. Grow up, educate yourself, and face facts. Or disgrace your university. Oh wait. You already did that.
Another person was pro-science but he sucks up to religious stupidity. Why be a suck-up? What is wrong with these wimps? I wrote this reply:

From another comment: "There is nothing wrong with being a person of faith but this perspective does not belong in the science classroom."

That's like saying there's nothing wrong with being a superstitious moron. There's plenty wrong with it. Faith has given the world terrorism and the burning stupidity found in Ben Hester's anti-science nonsense. I can't imagine anything more worthless and dangerous than faith.

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