Sunday, March 13, 2011

The god fairy is a myth but not everyone got the memo.

Evolution is important because it explains where we came from and how our species developed. It's a fantastic story and it has the advantage of being absolutely for certain correct. Evolutionary biology is the most interesting branch of science in my opinion.

Another big plus for evolution and what makes it even more important and interesting is it makes the god hypothesis (which always has been an idiotic idea) totally unnecessary. If a god fairy wasn't necessary for the development of millions of species, it's fair to say it wasn't necessary for anything else.

Evolution is why Christians attack science education and it's why they feel the need to completely deny it or pollute it with their fairy's magic wand. They can't completely remove their fairy from the origin of species because they know I'm right -- Darwin killed all supernatural bullshit and every magic fairy ever invented.

Obviously the best way to eradicate the human race's greatest mistake (the god-did-it idea) is to convince every new generation evolution is true. It's too late to save older people from a lifetime of stupidity. Their disease can't be cured. But it's never too late to save younger people from the fate of their parents which is to waste their entire lives believing in bullshit.

This is why books like Why Evolution is True by Jerry Coyne are so important. If the victims of religious indoctrination can get this information soon enough they have an excellent chance of realizing their parents are uneducated superstitious morons.

I've written down some of my favorite paragraphs from Jerry Coyne's Why Evolution is True and they can be found here.

This paragraph from Coyne's book is an excellent example of what every young person needs to understand:

Evolutionary theory, then, makes predictions that are bold and clear. Darwin spent some twenty years amassing evidence for his theory before publishing The Origin. That was more than a hundred and fifty years ago. So much knowledge has accumulated since then! So many more fossils found; so many more species collected and their distributions mapped around the world; so much more work in uncovering the evolutionary relationships of different species. And whole new branches of science, undreamt of by Darwin, have arisen, including molecular biology and systematics, the study of how organisms are related.

And we'll see, all the evidence -- both old and new -- leads ineluctably to the conclusion that evolution is true.

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