Monday, October 10, 2011

Hello Christian tards. Please read this to understand why if you have faith you're an idiot.

I was one of the millions of victims of religious indoctrination at a Catholic school. Like all other religious brainwashing, I was repeatedly told (several thousand times) that faith is a virtue. The only reason those ugly idiot nuns thought faith is a virtue was because their Death Cult would go extinct without it. After growing up I figured out faith is bullshit. This lady from Scotland explains why perfectly.

Faith is by definition belief without evidence – it’s pulling things out of your ass; it’s clinging to things that you might well know are faintly ridiculous; it’s putting up barriers to honest inquiry; it can be used as an impediment to curiosity and intellect, and it is simply the most ridiculous method of discovering or knowing anything about reality. It’s not a virtue – and it shouldn’t be a virtue in wider society any more than it would be in a court of law.

Heather Dalgleish

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