Tuesday, February 22, 2011

One of the dishonest assholes of the Christian Creationist Discovery Institute get's ridiculed at the Washington Post.

Virtually everyone who wrote comments about this asshole's Discovery Institute bullshit ridiculed the retard. Here's my comment:

David Klinghoffer is the token Jew at the Christian creationist organization called the Discovery Institute. The professional liars of the Christian Discovery Institute make a living from their gullible customers by attacking America's science education. The Christian creationists of the Discovery Institute are enemies of America, equal to terrorists. Their attacks against our science education is treason.

Klinghoffer, who knows absolutely nothing about evolutionary biology or any other branch of science, writes about "ineradicable opinion divide on evolution".

Klinghoffer, what opinion divide and why do you think basic scientific facts are opinions? Just because uneducated morons like you think there's some "opinion divide" doesn't change the fact that every single biologist in the world, who doesn't work for a Bible college or your dishonest magical creationism organization, completely accepts the basic facts of evolution, which is the foundation of biology. So in your very first sentence you're lying already.

Grow up or shut up Klinghoffer.

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