Sunday, February 13, 2011

"To say some unknown god up there in the stratosphere directs all of our lives and our development is naive."

Guess how many American politicians are normal?


Exactly one.

Only one member of the United States Congress has said he doesn't have the god disease.

Stark, D-Fremont, introduced H. Res. 81 on Wednesday. It praises Darwin's theory of evolution and the "monumental amount of scientific evidence he compiled to support it," which "provides humanity with a logical and intellectually compelling explanation for the diversity of life on earth."

The teaching of creationism in some public schools compromises the scientific and academic integrity of the United States' education systems.

The "monumental amount of scientific evidence" documented by Charles Darwin in his 1859 On the Origin of Species was just the beginning. In the past 152 years a massive amount of evidence for evolution has accumulated, evidence more powerful than Darwin could have imagined possible, and still Idiot America is infested with millions of evolution deniers, also known as Christians, also known as uneducated morons.

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  1. They also dismiss evil, fiscal and sexual transgressions in their organisations, the total improbability of their belief systems and the gross stupidity of all their amusing religious nonsense. Religious people are damaged goods, they're faulty units and really this should be recognised as such at the highest level.


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