Thursday, May 19, 2011

America's idiot Bible thumpers almost look normal when compared to Muslim scum.

This is Saudi Arabia's flag. The Arabic inscription means "There is no God but Allah and Muhammed is the messenger of Allah".

This would be like if America's flag had a picture of the dead Jeebus on it. Saudi Arabia is a theocracy.

From wikipedia: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an Islamic theocratic monarchy in which Islam is the official religion. Although no law requires citizens or passport holders to be Muslim, almost all citizens are Muslims. Proselytizing by non-Muslims is illegal, and conversion by Muslims to another religion (apostasy) carries the death penalty, although as of 2010 there have been no confirmed reports of executions for apostasy in recent years.[1]

If Muslims in Saudi Arabia grow up and become normal people (AKA atheists) they could be arrested by the Saudi Arabia thought police and executed by their own government. It's possible there are thousands of atheists in Saudi Arabia and they keep quiet about being normal to protect their lives.

Muslims are pathetic. It's impossible to more insane. It's impossible to be more morally corrupt.

If you're a Muslim and you have the nerve to still live in America after you idiots murdered 3,000 innocent people in 2001, you're a fucking asshole. Get out of my country you worthless superstitious morons.

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