Wednesday, May 25, 2011

channel 243: South Florida's Catholic propaganda TV station

Whenever I see a Catholic priest I say "There goes a pervert who molests little boys." Even Catholics probably think the same thing.

South Florida's Catholic TV station doesn't talk about the sexual child abuse their religion is famous for. They don't talk about the fact most contributions made during Sunday Mass are used to pay the legal bills for their long history of molesting children.

The last time I watched it I had to laugh at the idiot who talked about Eternal Life which is what the professional Catholic assholes sell. Living Forever In Heaven is their most important bullshit. It's what keeps their death cult from going extinct. They never mention the facts about Eternal Life. For example, only cowardly morons believe in it, it makes terrorism possible, there's no evidence for it, it's impossible, it's a childish fantasy.

Catholics are suppose to be pro-science but the vast majority of Catholic idiots are science deniers. They're equal to the fundamentalists. They're terrified of evolutionary biology. Other Catholics pretend to accept evolution but virtually always they pollute biology with their god fairy. They invoke supernatural magic for the development of modern human apes.

Their problem with evolution is the same as what fundamentalists worry about. If we are just apes (we're just apes) then the Eternal Life fantasy makes no sense. They know their fairy isn't going to invent a magical heaven for creatures who are just animals (we're just animals). So like the fundamentalists (Christian Bible thumpers and Muslim terrorists) the Catholics either completely deny the massive evidence for evolution or they stick their dead Jeebus into it.

Is the person reading this right now a Catholic? If yes, grow up you idiot. Stop giving your money to perverts and at least try to stop being a cowardly superstitious moron.

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