Sunday, July 10, 2011

I wrote a comment for Christian assholes who infest a Christian Taliban blog.

From the news article: "Atheists hold a valid point of view, according to Chapman who is urging Christians and all believers to see the new film."

Since when did reality become a point of view? Reality is what it is. Reality is not an opinion. Atheists understand and accept reality. Religious morons, also known as Muslim terrorists and Christian Bible thumpers, don't even know what reality is.

Walker wrote "Atheists constantly attempt to whitewash themselves using the paint of a moral code directly attributable to the God that they reject."

Grow up Walker. You Christians are the most morally corrupt subhumans in history. Your magic god fairy of the Bible loves genocide and slavery and that's where you get your fake moral values.

Your "they reject god" shows how insane you are. Atheists don't reject god. They just don't believe in it. Would you say you reject the Easter Bunny? No of course not, but that's just as idiotic as what you said about atheists.

Take your fairy's disgusting moral code and shove it. I'm not interested in imitating your supernatural homicidal maniac.

Christians are terrorists. See the movie Mississippi Burning to watch Christian racists murder innocent people including women and children.

When Christians aren't murdering people they're attacking America's science education to defend their dead Jeebus. Cowardly Christians yell at female biology teachers.

Christians are enemies of America, no better than Muslim suicide bombers.

"they are behaving in an UN-christian manner and do not represent the faith."

Nice try but that's no excuse. All Christians brainwash their children. That's child abuse and nothing could be more immoral. Christians, every single one of them, are morally corrupt, as is the lunatic god of the Bible they believe in.

A quote from the movie Mississippi Burning: "At school, they said segregation what's said in the Bible... Genesis 9, Verse 27."


  1. I didn't see the comments section. I like your point that reality isn't a "point of view." reality just is

  2. You should have seen the comments section at

    Most of my comments were censored but I published them again.

  3. I logged in and I still can't see the comments :-(


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