Friday, February 25, 2011

A high school student in Louisiana defends our constitution.

Christian assholes in Louisiana (virtually the entire state government) are destroying that state's science education.

A young student is fighting back.

Indeed, the senate passed the bill unanimously without any debate after it had cleared the house by a resounding 94-3 vote.

That’s 94 politicians who belong in prison for treason.

Way to go Zack Kopplin for defending our constitution.


  1. Afraid of where the conversation could lead?

  2. Anonymous, you're from Ashburn, Virginia and you came here from a Praying for Jeebus website. Most certainly you have a childish idiotic religious belief in Magical Intelligent Design Creationism. Most certainly you want to dumb down science education with supernatural magic to defend your dead Jeebus.

    My questions for you, Mr. Anonymous asshole, are "why are you terrified of biology?" and "why do you believe in magic?". Is it because you're an uneducated moron? Is it because you're retarded? All of the above?

    By the way, retard, there is no conversation. Evolution is fact. Your magic is bullshit. Competent biology teachers would never agree to teach your magic man fantasies. Go fuck yourself tard.


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