Friday, October 7, 2011

Mitt Romney, who was a draft dodger in the 1960's, wants to continue wasting young American lives in our ten year old religious war in Afghanistan.

This off-topic post is the 23rd post to get the label anything else I want to write about.

Please see Mitt Romney invoked his idiotic religion to avoid being drafted into the United States Army.

Also please see Romney has been critical of President Barack Obama's foreign policy, particularly the president's aggressive timeline to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.

I'm a Republican who usually votes for Democrats because virtually all Republican politicians are god-soaked idiots.

If you live in a normal country (anywhere except Idiot America) you might not know who Mitt Romney is. He is the Republican politician who is now most likely to be President Obama's opponent in the November 2012 election. An idiot from Texas, Rick Perry, used to be ahead of Romney in the polls, but Perry has shown himself to be too breathtakingly stupid to be elected even by brain-dead Republican voters. I sure wasn't going to vote for the anti-science Christian asshole Rick Perry. I thought I might be able to vote for Mitt Romney but now I doubt it.

I have some problems with Mitt Romney. For example even though he accepts the facts of evolutionary biology, he is not able to do this without sticking his supernatural magic fairy in there somewhere. Visitors to this blog might have noticed I don't have a very high opinion of religious assholes and Romney is way too religious.

Romney recently said "God did not create this country to be a nation of followers".

Romney, your magic fairy didn't create this country, period. Your fairy didn't create anything but you believe in it anyway because you're a brainwashed idiot. Even worse, you're a Mormon, a religion so batshit crazy even Bible thumpers make fun of it.

But this post is not about Romney's religion disease. This post is about his desire to sacrifice more American lives in Afghanistan even though he was too cowardly to join (or get drafted into) the US Army when there was another never-ending war going on, Vietnam.

Romney is a cowardly asshole who wants to sacrifice the lives of other people to make himself popular with America's Republican idiots.

Ten years in Afghanistan is long enough. America can't afford it anymore and it's immoral to let American soldiers get killed or lose limbs for the Muslim scum of a worthless dirt-bag country.

Obama isn't much better. He wants to drag out a war we can't win and can't afford, not caring about the wasted lives and not caring about the fact that under his administration our country's credit rating was lowered for the first time in history thanks to his out of control spending.

Incredibly Romney wants to drag out this religious war even longer. Romney, why don't you go there and sacrifice yourself if you think our invasion ten years ago hasn't gone on long enough.

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