Saturday, October 15, 2011

A University of Chicago biologist wrote a book.

A University of Chicago biologist wrote a book. sells it. There are comments about the book on amazon. I wrote a comment there. Here it is.

"But if he's trying to woo creationists and convince them that it's entirely possible to believe in God and accept evolution at the same time, he's pretty tone-deaf."

Why would an atheist want to do that? It's dishonest to say it's OK to accept science and believe in supernatural magic. Are you suggesting that Jerry Coyne should be dishonest to encourage Christians to grow up and accept scientific facts?

"Anyone who is going to convince creationists needs to treat them with more respect than Coyne does."

Creationists will get respect when they earn it. Until then they should be ridiculed relentlessly, especially since they think they're qualified to tell biology teachers how to do their jobs. However Jerry Coyne was extremely polite in his book, but apparently he didn't suck up to morons enough to satisfy you.


Way too many pro-science atheists think it's a good idea to be dishonest to convince science deniers to accept basic scientific facts. There are many problems with being a liar. When a person makes things up he can't be trusted even when he's telling the truth. Also, even Christians, as hopelessly retarded as they are, know when they're being lied to. When atheists stupidly say Christians can accept evolution and still believe in the dead Jeebus everyone knows they're lying.

Another problem with being a liar is it's immoral. Christians are morally corrupt. Why would an atheist want to imitate their lack of moral values? They are only disgracing themselves and everyone else who is not a theist.

The one time I actually convinced a science denier to admit magical creationism is bullshit he said he would still believe in the dead Jeebus. I didn't say "no, you can't do that" but I did tell him I bet he eventually figures out the religious implications of science make supernatural fantasies unnecessary. I most certainly didn't say it's OK to be a Christian because there's nothing OK about being an idiot.

Also, I have frequently told "theistic evolutionists" they're idiots to think magic is one of the mechanisms of evolution. I tell them if you can't accept biology as pure science it would be better if you believed in Genesis instead of polluting basic scientific facts with bullshit.

Improving the scientific literacy of Americans is important but impossible until the Christian Death Cult is eradicated. Dishonestly telling a Christian it's OK to say a fairy guided evolution is wrong wrong wrong. If they invoke their fairy to explain the development of the modern human ape species they are not accepting science. Instead they are polluting science and insulting the world's scientists. That bullshit should not be encouraged.

In Idiot America only 16% of the population accepts evolution without supernatural magic. That's disgraceful and wimpy dishonest atheists are part of the problem.


If you still haven't purchased Why Evolution is True by Jerry Coyne please see Some stuff I stole from Jerry Coyne's Why Evolution is True then buy the book.

From the book cover which talks about the empirical truth of evolution by natural selection: And that evidence is vast, varied, and magnificent, drawn from a huge spectrum of scientific inquiry ranging from genetics, anatomy, and molecular biology to paleontology and geology.

Evolution deniers should buy Coyne's book and study it carefully. If after making an honest effort to understand the evidence they're still creationists, they should get psychiatric help.


Jerry Coyne talks about the evidence for evolution in this must-see one hour youtube video:

'Why Evolution Is True' by Jerry Coyne, AAI 2009

This youtube video is only 3 minutes long:

Jerry Coyne - Why Evolution is True


UPDATE: At I wrote this review of Why Evolution is True.

There are many books about evolution but in my opinion Jerry Coyne's masterpiece is the best for both non-scientists and experienced biologists. Every paragraph is priceless, important, easy to understand, and a pleasure to read. There is nothing tedious in Why Evolution is True. Every piece of evidence described by Jerry Coyne is by itself good enough to call evolution true. All the evidence he explains combined should be enough for anyone unless they are mentally disturbed.

This excellent book should convince evolution deniers to grow up and accept reality but will it? I hope so but I doubt it. Stupid can't be fixed.

The problem is the science deniers will probably not read this book, or if they do read it they won't try to understand it. Instead they will look for imaginary problems. Creationists are creationists because they are afraid of the religious implications of evolution. They are just too cowardly to even try to understand why they have been wrong about everything their entire wasted lives.

This is perhaps the most important sentence in Why Evolution is True and religious people need to understand it if they want to live in the 21st century instead of hiding in the Dark Ages: "If the history of science teaches us anything, it is that what conquers our ignorance is research, not giving up and attributing our ignorance to the miraculous work of a creator."


ANOTHER UPDATE: At I wrote some comments for an idiot who had the nerve to criticize the brilliant Jerry Coyne.

"A book titled 'Why Evolution is True' seems like an evangelistic tract for the religion of evolution."

It's always easy to identify an idiot. For example only an idiot would say an entire branch of science, evolutionary biology, is a religion.

Grow up or shut up mister, unless you enjoy being laughed at.

Your logic is "If I'm not able to understand a scientific explanation of nature, then the scientific explanation is wrong because I know more about biology than every biologist in the world. Also, the only alternative to the scientific explanation I'm not able to understand is supernatural magic, therefore the magic god fairy did it."

There's no magic in the universe mister. Also, you don't understand how evolution works. If you read the book you didn't understand any of it.

I will not waste my time explaining why everything you wrote is a misconception because your god disease which makes you afraid to think is incurable.

In a comment you wrote "Whether they came at the hand of a creator or were chaotic will be debated long beyond my time. I hope the debate remains civil."

What debate? There is no debate. Evolution has been an established truth for more than a century. The evidence is now more massive and more powerful than Darwin could have imagined possible. Your idiotic magical creationism fantasy is childish nonsense.

Also there's nothing chaotic about natural selection. You don't even know what you're talking about.

There is no debate and there's absolutely no reason to be civil towards people like you who are too lazy to understand science or unable to understand science. I think you have both problems. You're lazy and you're not too bright. That's fine with me but you got a lot of nerve to pretend you know more about biology than biologists when it's obvious you know nothing.

Since you don't know what you're talking about why do you think you're qualified to criticize the brilliant Jerry Coyne? You should be ashamed of yourself.


The rest of this post is totally off-topic. I love which has made libraries and bookstores obsolete. Their idea to allow negative comments for the books they sell was brilliant. When the company was born they figured out that customers would appreciate both positive and negative comments because that would help them make buying decisions.

I had a hunch Amazon would be a wildly successful company a long time ago when I heard two co-workers talk about the good experience they had shopping there. If I had taken advantage of that hunch and bought shares of amazon I would be a millionaire today.

Today's Wall Street Journal has an extremely interesting article about the birth and success of amazon. Here it is: Birth of a Salesman


  1. Bob,
    It seems my review has raised some emotion. First, the debate does go on and will continue whether you want it to or not. Many great scientific minds believe in God. Darwin did not kill God. Of one thing I am sure, God lives and ordered the universe. I do not know if he used evolution to do it or not. That is the question that remains in my mind. You may be right that I don't understand much of the book. I'm still working on that.

    I did not say that evolutionary biology is a religion, though there are many good things about Coyne's book, it is his title that seems like a tract. However, those who want to claim that evolutionary biology disproves the existence of God ARE trying to make a religion or an anti-religion out of it. I do not believe in magic by the way.

    Lastly, you may be right that I don't know what I'm talking about. I have had many exchanges, some private, with those who have posted here. Those exchanges have been helpful, have clarified my thinking and have helped me to progress towards an understanding of evolutionary biology. Your criticisms have not helped in any way. Those who have to rant and rave to prove a point don't have much of a point to make. I feel sorry that your thinking has not "evolved" beyond the ability to merely belittle those who disagree with you.


  2. Rocky Road, you're a fucking idiot. You don't believe in magic? Then what is your fairy doing when it makes things out of nothing? If that isn't magic what the fuck is it?

    It's pathetic I have to explain to you what your own fantasies are.

    You wrote "the religion of evolution" then you come here and say "I did not say that evolutionary biology is a religion". You're a fucking liar.

    You wrote "those who want to claim that evolutionary biology disproves the existence of God ARE trying to make a religion or an anti-religion out of it."

    It's not a claim you fucking retard. The religious implications of evolution are obvious to everyone and they should be obvious to you because like most theistic tards you're afraid of it.

    "merely belittle those who disagree with you."

    The reason I call you an idiot is because you are an idiot. Should I be quiet about what's obvious to anyone who reads your bullshit?

    "Of one thing I am sure, God lives and ordered the universe."

    You're sure of it? Then where's your fucking scientific evidence? Come on tard boy, let's have some real evidence for your fairy's magic wand.

    You wrote "You may be right that I don't understand much of the book."

    No shit Sherlock. You didn't understand any of it. And the reason is obvious. You're a fucking moron.

    After I explained why there is no debate you wrote "the debate does go on".

    Look it retard, just because you are too bloody stupid to understand a basic scientific fact that doesn't mean there's some debate about it. It's been a fact for more than a century. You say there's a debate about the established truth of evolution because you're stupid and because you're liar.

    Do not pollute my blog again with your bullshit you fucking asshole. I have no tolerance for liars and idiots.

    Fuck off and die Rocky Road. You're equal to a terrorist and you have my total contempt.