Monday, March 7, 2011

In Idiot America 28% of biology teachers teach evolution, 13% illegally teach magical creationism, and 59% don't teach evolution or magic.

The 13% of Idiot America's biology teachers who teach magical creationism should be put in prison for treason.

The 59% who don't teach evolution or dumb it down should be fired for incompetence.

The 28% of biology teachers who make evolution a major part of every lesson because evolution is the foundation of biology, they deserve a higher salary.

What's being done about these teachers who should be fired or put in prison?


The students who are being cheated (72% of high school students), that's their problem.

School boards and school administrators are not doing their job so they need to be fired. But nothing is being done about them either. The parents and the students are not complaining (there are rare exceptions).

This website explains the problem:

There are more of these cautious teachers, and their reluctance to present evolution forthrightly not only impedes their students in learning biology, but also undermines understanding of the nature of science. They fail to teach evolution in the way recommended by the nation's leading scientific organizations, such as the National Research Council -- as the central, unifying principle of the life sciences.

Why is "neutrality" toward evolution such a disaster for college-bound kids?

Evolution is the foundation of biology. Just as geologists cannot decipher the earth's features without plate tectonics, and physicists cannot understand the interaction of light and matter without quantum electrodynamics, biologists cannot explain the diversity of life on earth without evolution. Trying to teach biology without evolution is like teaching auto mechanics without discussing engines. Teachers should not be neutral toward evolution because scientists are not neutral about evolution.

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