Thursday, March 24, 2011

Idiot America will always be infested with idiots because cowardly school administrators refuse to fire incompetent god-soaked science teachers.

If you are authorized to hire and fire public school teachers and you let a Christian moron teach science, you are cheating the students and you are a world-class asshole.

There's a video about the Idiot-For-Jeebus here: Libertyville high school science teacher admits to teaching magical creationism in classroom

human ape wrote:
"Despite some calls for a Libertyville High School science teacher who referenced creationism in biology class to be fired, Community Unit School District 128 officials opted not to terminate him Tuesday evening."

Beau Schaefer is an evolution denier. Beau Schaefer denies the foundation of biology (evolution). He's not qualified to teach biology. Any student who gets stuck with this idiot teacher is going to be cheated.

What's the problem? What is wrong with the cowards who refused to fire this uneducated moron?

The students and parents need to demand that every single one of the Community Unit School District 128 officials be fired for letting this incompetent god-soaked subhuman teach science.


Human Ape

posted 3/28/11 @ 9:26 AM CST

"The 'teacher,' Beau Schaefer, admitted to teaching creationism in his high school biology class. The school board met March 22, heard arguments from members of the community, and decided to keep Schaefer on the taxpayer-funded payroll."

The school board heard from some uneducated morons and based on their complaints they decided to keep an incompetent science teacher, never caring about the cheated students. The school board should be fired.

Alabama? Texas? Lousiana? No, it was a wealthy Chicago suburb. This shows the entire USA is infested with idiots.

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Human Ape

posted 3/28/11 @ 9:31 AM CST

"If one's interpretation of Scripture is flat-out contradicted by all the evidence of the physical world, and supported by none, perhaps one should reexamine one's principles of interpretation. The fossils don't lie and are just as much God's creation as the Bible."

I'm sorry but WTF?

Perhaps one should throw out the worthless Bible and every god fairy ever invented.

Will wimps ever stop sucking up to religious insanity?

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  1. The proper way to "reference" creationism is: "Creationism is bad, mm'kay? Don't believe creationism. It's bullshit."


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