Friday, October 28, 2011

Christians are the best possible advertisement for atheism.

I wrote a comment at a website infested with idiots.

"The Bible tells us that we will all stand before the Lord in judgment and what happens there will be based on the decisions we made in life,” the Rev. Jeff Schofield, co-lead pastor at the church, told Akron Beacon Journal. “We want to encourage people to choose a relationship with Christ.”

The stupidity burns. There is no better advertisement for being normal (AKA atheist) than the cowardly gullible insane Christian idiots who would become even more mentally disturbed if they accepted reality instead of their childish Christian fantasies.

Reverand Schofield wants to keep his worthless job and that's why he's selling the afterlife bullshit which is the only fantasy that keeps his idiotic death cult from going extinct.

There is no other fantasy that is more dependent on wishful thinking than the ridiculous impossible idea there's a magical soul that magically flies to a magical paradise. It's 100% pure bullshit for cowardly feeble-minded morons.

It's interesting that morally corrupt Christians never care about the terrorism their insane heaven fantasy makes possible. There is absolutely no difference between a Muslim terrorist and a Christian coward. They're both way beyond crazy.

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