Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What is the best way to convince evolution deniers to grow up and accept evolution?

Is magical creationism (also known as magical intelligent design creationism) an incurable disease? Yes, for sure. Virtually always it's incurable. But certainly there must be rare exceptions. The problem is those rare exceptions have already thrown out their fairy's magic wand. The only evolution deniers left are the most retarded assholes in the history of the human race.

But still, this a question worth asking. What is the best method to convince creationists to grow up and stop being uneducated morons, as if that was possible.

One thing that almost never works is explaining the evidence. Scientific evidence, no matter how powerful it is, is completely meaningless to a Christian retard. A biologist could spend hours or days or weeks patiently explaining the tons of evidence for evolution to these drooling morons, and in the end the Christian asshole will always say "there's no evidence for evolution", and I know they do this because I've seen it with my own eyes. Christians really are that insane. Of course they're insane, if they were normal they wouldn't be Christians.

Since evidence means nothing to an evolution denier, what else could possibly work? I suggest before attempting to explain simple scientific concepts to these idiots, it would first be necessary to get them to throw out their magical god fairy. If they accomplish that, then the rest is easy. Scientific concepts are much easier to understand if a brain isn't polluted with idiotic fantasies like a god with a magic wand.

So first god must be thrown out, and only then will the retard have any chance of understanding the power of natural selection. Now it's necessary to ask another question. What is the best way to convince a god-soaked asshole to throw out god?

I can't answer that one. Stupidity can't be fixed. The god disease really is totally incurable, unless the person wants to be cured. If they want to do that, they can do it on their own like I did.

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