Friday, March 25, 2011

There's a lot of Christian hicks in hick-infested Alabama. What a surprise!

Not everyone in Alabama is a theocratic asshole. It just seems that way.

Please read the comments at this Alabama news website if you want to understand what the problem is. Alabama's Christian assholes think public schools should be used for religious indoctrination instead of education.

I wrote this comment for the Christian tards of Alabama:

"Carroll declined to comment on what exactly happened with the Bible distribution, other than to say he didn't believe there was any coercion for children to take a Bible nor was anyone made to feel guilty for not taking one."

That doesn't matter. Public schools are not suppose to distribute religious books, period. Besides being immoral it's a violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

"The parent also said a science teacher at the school is teaching creationism which Carroll calls 'a curriculum issue' more than a school policy issue. He said he would be 'looking into it' as well as the Bible distribution allegations."

The science teacher who has been teaching magic needs to be fired and publicly humiliated. It's not fair to students to get stuck with a teacher who invokes magic in a science classroom.

Also, Limestone Superintendent Barry Carroll needs to be fired. It's obvious he's a liar who has no respect for the right of students to be taught science instead of being indoctrinated with Christian superstitions.

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