Saturday, July 16, 2011

Remember the airheads who were in the contest for Miss USA? Remember their stupidity when they answered a question about evolution?

It's now possible to read all their replies without having to look at their stupid looking faces. By the way I'm all for attractive women but there's nothing attractive about being a drooling moron.

The owner of the blog Thoughts from Kansas took the time to write down the answers.

A typical example:

"Evolution, no, I do not believe in evolution, I do not think it should be taught in schools, and I would not encourage it."

Amazing incredible breathtaking insanity. The young airhead is a typical Christian retard. To defend her dead Jeebus she would throw all science education out the window. Also, she calls a basic scientific fact a belief, as if evolutionary biology is a religion and not an extremely important branch of science.

For more examples of the idiocy of Idiot America, please see Thoughts from Kansas.

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