Monday, July 25, 2011

I wrote a comment at a Christian extremist blog. They noticed the Norway murderer (a Christian fundamentalist) shares their idiotic fantasies.

"Evangelicals: Norway Slaughter Totally Opposes Goodness of God".

Is this the same magic god fairy who wiped out virtually the entire human race in the Noah's Ark myth?

The god of the Bible is a homicidal maniac, as is one of its followers, the murderer from Norway.

Norway, by the way, is an atheist country and that's why it's usually very peaceful there.


  1. "Norway’s strong Christian history has created a long history of peace within her borders and has been a significant contributor to Norway’s very positive impact on global peace efforts"

    hahahaha How did you manage to read that without dying laughing?

  2. There are a few reasons that Charles Darwin's evolution theory could not be accepted:

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  4. Mr. Tannery, your reasons for denying the evolutionary relationship between human apes and chimpanzee apes are unique, but a bit nutty. It's obvious your knowledge about how evolution works is not very good.

    I'm concerned your comments were intended to waste my time. All the questions you have. Why don't you look it up instead of expecting me to do your research. Most probably you don't care what the answers are anyway. You have a cowardly fear of evolution and you know nothing about it. Why should I waste my time explaining anything to a willfully ignorant person?


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