Saturday, March 5, 2011

The fastest way to make a Magical Intelligent Design Creationist shut the fuck up.

The assholes of the Christian Creationist Discovery Institute invented a new name for Magical Bible Creationism. They call it Magical Intelligent Design Creationism and it's identical to Bible Creationism.

To pretend their bullshit is a new idea, they don't publicly invoke their Bible and they use language that seems scientific to their gullible Christian customers but looks like gibberish to biologists. They're liars, they know they're liars, biologists know they're liars, and even some of their retarded customers know they're liars, but that's not a problem for them. As long as they get free cash from their retarded customers that's all they care about. Their most important goal is to give Christian science-deniers on local school boards an excuse to tell biology teachers how to do their jobs.

What's funny and pathetic are their imitators who babble about the same bullshit, often copying and pasting the Christian Discovery Institute's bullshit. They even repeat the same lies.

The designer is of course the Bible God and everyone knows it. However the liars don't want to admit the identity of their supernatural designer, so they never answer the simple question "Who is the designer?" If they told the truth about it, their Magical Intelligent Design Bible Creationism wouldn't look scientific (not that it ever did look like science). So they invoke aliens or they say the question isn't important.

Anyway, to make these dishonest retards shut the fuck up I just ask this question:

Who is the designer? I will not be impressed if you say "It doesn't matter" or "I don't know" or "Maybe it was an alien".

What follows is either complete silence or they desperately try to change the subject.

The last subhuman I asked this question, he showed off what an asshole he is and of course the question was ignored. Typical Christian tard.

At another blog I wrote:

He writes “ID doesn’t have anything to do with religion” while completely ignoring the “Who is the designer?” question I asked.

Magical Intelligent Design Creationism is identical to Magical Bible Creationism. Same supernatural designer, same magic wand. The name change was nothing more than a pathetic and failed attempt to force biology teachers to teach Genesis, as if they would ever agree to lie to their students, and as if that lesson could last longer than it takes to say god-did-it.

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