Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Jerry Coyne, author of Why Evolution is True, wrote "Theistic evolutionists are creationists."

Big response to Bill Nye’s attack on creationism

Theistic evolutionists are creationists, pure and simple; they differ from straight fundamentalist creationists only in how much of life God was involved in creating, ranging from those who think God set the whole plan in motion, knowing it would culminate in that most awesome of species, US, to those who think that God tinkered with mutations to create the right species (see the philosophical work of Elliott Sober), to those who think that humans are set apart from other species because God inserted a soul in our lineage (that’s the official view of the Vatican).  That is being anti-evolution as scientists understand it, since we see evolution as a naturalistic process that has nothing to do with deities. Sadly, far more Americans are theistic evolutionists than naturalistic evolutionists: the proportions among all Americans are 38% to 16% respectively (40% are straight creationists, 6% are unsure). We have a long way to go.
-- Jerry Coyne

Actually the most recent Gallup Poll shows that now only 15% Americans accept evolution as pure science (without the Magic Jeebus Man). The other 85% are fucking idiots.

Theistic evolutionists invoke a creator (Jeebus) to invent or use or guide evolution. Theistic evolutionists are creationist retards. Theistic evolutionists are evolution deniers.

Even worse are the wimpy atheist suck-ups who tell Christians it's perfectly OK to pollute evolutionary biology with supernatural magic. My contempt for atheists wimps is stronger than my contempt for Bible thumpers and terrorists.

Christians who think they are moderate need to understand a few things.

There is nothing moderate about being a Christian because the Christian fantasies are childish insane bullshit.

If you can't accept science without sticking your dead Jeebus into it, then it would be better if you stayed away from science. Science does not need your death cult. Science is reality. If you stick Jeebus into science, science becomes bullshit.

Natural processes don't need supernatural intervention. For example gravity works just fine without your fairy getting involved. Natural selection is no different from any other scientific mechanism. I noticed you don't stick Jeebus into any other branch of science, so keep your fairy out of biology.

Natural processes don't need a magical inventor. Do you think there would be no gravity if your fairy didn't invent it? Of course you don't think that. You Christians are bloody stupid but you can figure out some things. Do you think there would be no natural selection of favorable mutations without your fairy inventing it? You probably do think that because you're desperate to find some purpose for your Magic Man. Nice try Christian tards but all natural processes, including the mechanisms of evolution, do not need a supernatural inventor.

Christians, you need to understand human apes are not the pinnacle of evolution. We are just one small twig on a vast tree of life. We are not a god's chosen creatures. There's nothing special about us except perhaps our ability to destroy this planet and wipe out other species. We are no more evolved than cockroaches. Besides not being able to do most things other creatures can do, we are no more intelligent than dolphins. And of course some of us (Christians, Muslims, and other religious tards) have less intelligence than dogs.

Humans aren't high on the evolutionary scale...there is no evolutionary scale. We aren't the pinnacle of anything. --PZ Myers

A fly is just as evolved as a human. It's just evolved to a different niche.
-- Jeremy Niven

Your problem, Christians, is you know evolution kills your Jeebus fantasy, your cowardly heaven fantasy, your god fairy fantasy, and all other Christian bullshit. But you also know you can't deny evolution because then everyone will call you a retard. To solve the problem with the religious implications of evolution you stick your fairy into it. You can't do that. It's wrong, it's stupid, and everyone will still call you a retard.

Christians, you have two choices. Either you grow up and throw out Jeebus, or you spend the rest of your worthless life being ridiculed. And if you ignore Bill Nye's advice and brainwash your children with your anti-science fantasies, you will be called an asshole. You will be called an asshole because destroying the minds of innocent children is child abuse.

I suggest you go with the first choice. Grow up. Stop being a drooling moron. Stop being a cowardly asshole. Instead join us normal people here in the 21st century. Reality is much more rewarding than hiding in your childish fantasy world.

The religious imagination is paltry and petty compared to the awesome reality.
-- PZ Myers

The only disadvantage of reality from your cowardly point of view is when you drop dead you're nothing more than a stinking pile of garbage. There is no magical soul that flies up to a magical paradise infested with fucking idiots like yourselves. If you must be a gullible coward, willing to believe any insane bullshit that makes you feel good, then you should probably go read your worthless Bible and live with being called a retarded asshole the rest of your pathetic boring life.


The stupidity burns at 13,008 comments.

The stupidity, it burns again at 2,510 comments.

There is brain-dead insanity at both websites (from creationist morons who believe the Bible's Genesis bullshit and from creationist retards who call themselves theistic evolutionists) but there is some rational stuff in there too.

For example:

"In the beginning god created the heavens and the earth"
When you get the very first verse of the very first chapter of the very first book wrong, it does not bode well for the remainder.
The earth most definitely was not created in the beginning. In fact, the earth didn't form until the universe was 9,000,000,000 years old.
So either your god was wrong, or your god lied. Either way – doesn't make him much of a god, does it?
August 30, 2012 at 8:55 am


This stupid fucking asshole has made child abuse her career.


I wrote some comments at Christians must accept creationism where a science denier got something right, Christians have to believe in the Christian magical creationism fantasy unless they want to admit their Magic Jeebus Man was an uneducated moron. There were the usual comments from wimpy suck-ups who wrote about theistic evolutionists as if sticking the dead Jeebus into evolutionary biology is a good thing. I told the wimps they're as retarded as the Bible thumpers and terrorists they suck up to.

A Christian airhead wrote "If you want to believe you are descended from be it. If you want to believe you were somehow wonderfully created in Gods be it. belief will win out over the other and leave some people looking really stupid." I don't mean to pick on women because Christian men are equally insane, but I noticed while it's impossible to convince a male retard to grow up it's much more than impossible to convince a female airhead to grow up. It's also impossible to be more brain-dead retarded than god-soaked Christian ladies who brainwash their children, making sure their disease is transmitted to the next generation. Thank goodness for the brilliant real women who are not infected with the Jeebus fantasy.

Somebody else already explained we share an ancestor with today's monkeys, we did not descend from them. And of course we are more closely related to the other ape species.

I wrote this reply for the airhead:

Mendy Trahan Wascom wrote " belief will win out over the other and leave some people looking really stupid."

Your "Eventually" is today, or more accurately your "Eventually" was in 1859 when Charles Darwin published On the Origin of Species. Since 1859 the research of thousands of other biologists have made evolution the strongest fact of science.

There is absolutely no debate about the truth of evolution and there is absolutely no debate about the stupidity and idiocy of your childish magical creationism fantasy.

By the way basic scientific facts like evolution are not beliefs. Reality is not a belief.

Guess what, you're right about something. You look really stupid.

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