Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"You killed God sir. You have killed God."

I still need to see this movie.

"I shall keep god out of it."

Imagine having to keep a secret for several years that will permanently change the world to have more time to accumulate evidence for the most fantastic idea in human history, natural selection.

Charles Darwin published the most important book ever written, The Origin of Species, in 1859. His natural selection idea, which is now the strongest fact of science, shocked the world so much that even today, 152 years later, there are millions of cowardly stupid assholes (Christians and Muslims) who deny what has been an established truth for more than a century.

Darwin knew the reaction he would get from the superstitious morons who lived in the 19th century. I wonder if he would be surprised to know a large percentage of the human race is still hopelessly retarded in the 21st century, uneducated morons who would become mentally disturbed if they had any idea how much evidence there is for our evolutionary relationship with the other modern ape species.

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