If you look at the universe and study the universe, what you find is that there is no evidence that we need anything other than the laws of physics and the other laws of science to explain everything we see. There's absolutely no evidence that we need any supernatural hand of god. -- Lawrence Krauss, World-Renowned Physicist
There is probably no other notion in any field of science that has been as extensively tested and as thoroughly corroborated as the evolutionary origin of living organisms. -- Encyclopedia Britannica
FAITH. No one word personifies the absolute worst and most wicked properties of religion better than that. Faith is mind-rot. It’s the poison that destroys critical thinking, undermines evidence, and leads people into lives dedicated to absurdity. It’s a parasite regarded as a virtue. -- PZ Myers
Religion is the antithesis of science, an anesthetic for the mind that disables critical thought and encourages the acceptance of inanity as fact, and wishful thinking as evidence. -- PZ Myers

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The god of the gaps has run out of hiding places. A god who was never necessary for anything is a god who doesn't exist.

The Origin of Life - Abiogenesis

"It's been 55 years since the Miller-Urey Experiment, and science has made enormous progress on solving the origin of life. This video summarizes one of the best leading models. Yes there are others. Science may never know exactly how life DID start, but we will know many ways how life COULD start. Don't be fooled by creationist arguments as even a minimal understanding of biology and chemistry is enough to realize they have no clue what they are talking about."


  1. Christians are idiots. Just had to get that out. Not replying to the post really, just venting.


    ahh yes that felt better. Thanks for having a blog where people can say that!

  2. Well said LadyAtheist! Sadder still, is their complete disinterest in learning the facts. Facts that may not fit with the amusing nonsense they've been taught. The ones I speak with will not even consider the idea of evolution, Darwin is the devil and then threaten that those who believe in evolution are off to hell for a long time. What on earth is attractive about their nonsense?