Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Millions of American cowards deny reality. Why should anyone care?

What motivated me to create this blog is the existence of millions of evolution deniers in the country I live in.

The idea that every species alive today and every extinct species shares a common ancestor is the most interesting fact of science. What makes evolutionary biology fascinating is it explains virtually everything about nature in extreme detail. For example several recently discovered fossils of whale ancestors have given scientists a complete record of the transition from land animals to these mammals who live in the ocean. Another example is the DNA analysis that shows chimps are more closely related to people than to any other ape species. These exciting facts, shown to be absolutely correct thanks to overwhelming evidence, are completely denied by half of America's population. Their denial of reality is almost as interesting as the reality itself.

Why do millions of Americans deny the established truth of evolution? What can be done to convince them they are wrong? Is it possible to convince them? Probably not, but why? Is it because they're afraid? Are they too stupid to understand anything? Are they suffering from some strange mental illness? Is it because religious indoctrination has sucked out of them all the curiosity that people naturally have?

Perhaps a better question would be Who cares? Their ignorance of how nature works is their problem. Why not just ignore these drooling morons who live in a childish magical fantasy world?

The problem is it's difficult to ignore the countless assholes who are trying to dumb down science education because they don't like what's being taught.

That's what this blog is for. To fight back against these retards who want to destroy America's future.

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