Sunday, January 16, 2011

One more time -- why heaven most certainly is a myth.

For many good reasons I have already written about the heaven fantasy several times before. No religious belief can possibly be more important because all religions would go extinct without it. Also, no religious belief could possibly be more dangerous. Just ask the families of the thousands of victims on 9/11/2001 who had to choose between being burned alive or exploding into a red mist after crashing into the cement.

As Richard Dawkins explained to those young children there is no Santa Claus (See previous post. It was satire.) there is also no heaven which is an equally childish idea.

There's no evidence for life after death. Nothing could be more impossible. The whole thing is so ridiculous, it would be a waste of time to talk about it if not for the millions of gullible cowards who believe in it.

And that's exactly what they are. Cowards. So afraid of reality they are willing to believe any bullshit if it makes them feel better.

If not for the idiotic promise of life after death (how convenient for the preachers who don't have to worry about angry customers demanding their money back) there would be no reason to worship a supernatural magician who never has and never will show itself because it's also just a fantasy. Without heaven every preacher, priest, cleric, and rabbi would have to get real jobs. Churches in Idiot America would be just as empty as European churches already are.

The religion industry knows how important the heaven myth is to their careers so they talk about it constantly (Jeebus saves and other bullshit). Just to make sure their moron customers get the point the preachers also talk about hell a lot, even advertising their churches with this disgusting threat of eternal torture. In a small town in rural Illinois I was once handed a pamphlet from a Baptist church. I told a neighbor "It says here we better go to this church or else we go to hell." He said "I want to go to hell. That's where all my friends are."

The heaven belief survives (millions of idiots believe in it, especially in backward hick-infested countries like Idiot America) because it's exactly what a feeble minded coward would wish for. Then of course there's the brainwashing. The heaven idea is one of the first things young children learn about, but for some strange reason, while they outgrow the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny, they still believe in heaven after they grow up. That shows just how intense the indoctrination is.

How to unbrainwash gullible cowards? I don't know. I have been working on a friend at work but even though he's not very religious he won't throw out heaven. A female friend at work I won't even bother with. She's too god-soaked to understand anything.

The points I have been trying to make:

A Master of the Universe is not likely to give a shit about human apes on this tiny planet in the middle of nowhere in an unimaginably vast universe.

The whole thing is so obviously bullshit. Why don't you Christians grow up?

Heaven would require a lot of magic tricks to make it work. Why would your dead Jeebus bother with it?

One more time Christians -- stop being gullible imbeciles and grow up. Face facts. Don't be afraid of reality. Stop being so greedy. You should be grateful for the one life you have. Make the most of it instead of wishing for something that's even more childish than Santa Claus.

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