Saturday, May 21, 2011

"The Bible was written by the Hebrew people, who strangely turned out to be the Chosen People. I ask you what were the odds?"

The title of this post came from a YouTube video I just watched.

Because of their relatively small numbers, and because they are more likely to be pro-science than other religious idiots, and because I have some sympathy for what they endured during World War Two, I have been mostly ignoring Judaism. Now I think it's about time to point out they're part of the problem.

I bet most Jews believe in the "Chosen People" bullshit. I would also bet the "Chosen People" label might be why some Jews who became normal (AKA atheists) call themselves "Jewish atheists" which is as ridiculous as if I called myself a Catholic atheist. They have their excuses but considering the fact that religious insanity is out of control, it's about time to throw out all religious labels even if those same labels are used for other things. The idiots who call themselves "Jewish atheists" have my contempt. The word atheist doesn't need any adjectives.

The religious Jews who think their god fairy gave them some Middle East real estate (and the Christian assholes who suck up to Jewish assholes) have my total contempt.

It's about time for Idiot America to become neutral in the Middle East instead of favoring the Jewish theocracy in Israel. If we were neutral before 2001 there never would have been the 9/11 terrorist attacks. We have now burned thru one trillion dollars of taxpayer money because of the two wars those terrorist attacks made possible. Is Israel worth one trillion dollars of my money? Heck no. All theocracies are worthless and they need to be eradicated.

I have frequently seen on TV religious Jews bobbing their head back and forth in front of their sacred wall in Israel. Are these idiots batshit crazy? Yes, for sure, they're as insane as the Muslim terrorists and the Christian Bible thumpers.

It's about time for America to stop sucking up to stupid assholes. We should tell Israel "You're on your own now. If you think your fairy gave you Israel that's your problem. If you get overrun by your neighbors who will always hate you, who cares?"

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