Thursday, May 12, 2011

Obama killed Osama.

Way to go Mr. President. Your reelection in 2012 is for sure now, especially considering the fucking idiots running as Republicans, a collection of science deniers and uneducated morons.

What was most interesting to me about the execution of the Osama asshole was the reaction of America's Muslim scum. They seem to think now they will be more accepted by other Americans. I don't think so. You Muslim morons still belong to a terrorist organization and you're still superstitious idiots.

What you American Muslims need to do, and you would have done this 10 years ago if you had any decency at all, is throw out your suicide bomber religion. All you got to do is grow up and face facts. Your dead Mohammed was an asshole and the religion he invented is 100% pure bullshit (as are all other religious cults).

If you Muslim scum are too cowardly and/or too bloody stupid to grow up, the ridicule and contempt will never end.

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