Friday, June 1, 2012

Bullshit specialists (also known as theologians) and other professional idiots

There's hundreds of thousands of assholes who profit from the religious insanity industry. They are called priests, preachers, pastors, rabbis, clerics, and theologians. They're all idiots and they're all worse than completely worthless.

Their entire career is completely dependent on an anti-science fantasy about a supernatural creature with unlimited magical powers. A creature who has never shown itself, a magician who lives only in the small brains of gullible cowardly imbeciles.

To avoid having to get a real job these professional liars for Jeebus, Mohammed, and Moses have to relentlessly brainwash their customers, especially young children. They need to mentally abuse children with god bullshit to prevent their cults from going extinct.

These professional scum are responsible for virtually all 21st century violence and stupidity. They are all equal to terrorists. The world becomes a better place whenever one of these assholes drop dead.

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