Monday, August 27, 2012

Gullible Christians, you have a problem.

There's no real evidence the Magic Jeebus Man ever existed but it doesn't matter. It's absolutely impossible, not to mention ridiculous, to pretend Jeebus could have been the son of a god, even if god fairies were real.

Imagine a 21st century preacher man who said I'm god's son. The idiot would be put in an asylum.

Even more insane are the Jeebus miracles, especially the disgusting resurrection of the decomposing Jeebus corpse into a stinking zombie. It never happened. The resurrection fantasy is so bloody insane only a gullible child could believe it, which of course is why the religious indoctrination starts at the youngest possible age. Without the brainwashing, also known as child abuse, the Christian Death Cult would go extinct in less than a century.

Christians, try to have an original thought for the first time in your lives. Ask yourself why are you so willing to believe in bullshit just because it makes you feel good. Could it be because you're a coward?

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