Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jeebus was a creationist. If you're a Christian and you accept evolution, you're admitting the dead Jeebus you worship was an uneducated moron.

I'm not totally convinced there really was a Jeebus, but let's pretend this worthless preacher man was real and he said he was the son of a magic god fairy, also known as The All Knowing God, and some gullible people believed him.

The All Knowing God apparently never bothered to explain evolution to Jeebus because like today's asshole preachers he was a creationist. Most certainly he had a good excuse for his ignorance because Darwin wasn't born until nineteen centuries later.

What I'm attempting to explain to you Christians is sort of ridiculous because the existence of Jeebus is the most idiotic idea ever invented. But I'm pretending Jeebus was real to make a point.

My point is you Christians who accept and understand evolution are insulting the god-man you worship. If you accept the facts of evolutionary biology you are saying that Jeebus, the all-knowing god-man, knew nothing about how our species developed. Instead Jeebus invoked his daddy's magic wand to explain the diversity of life. Jeebus was what we call today an "uneducated moron" and you worship him anyway.

Why do you worship an idiot?

Christians who accept evolution, this is where you're suppose to say "Good grief, I do worship an idiot. Thanks for pointing that out Mr. Human Ape, and thanks for saving me from a lifetime of stupidity because I'm throwing out Christianity right now." And I would say "Congratulations. Welcome to the 21st century."

Most likely there will be total silence from you Christians, or some asshole will tell me I'm going to hell, or some creationist idiot will tell me Jeebus didn't have to know anything about evolution because evolution is bullshit.

Or some wimpy atheist idiot will tell me I should be nice to Christian scum.

But if you're a Christian who accepts evolution, I would really appreciate an explanation for why you worship an evolution denier. You can write your comments here. There is no comment moderation. Please help me understand your logic -- why haven't you thrown out Christianity yet?

If you're a normal person, also known as an atheist, you are also welcome to write comments at this post, but I'm mostly interested in what pro-science Christians have to say about this.

By the way, the Muslims get it. When they accept evolution they throw out Islam at the same time because they understand the religious implications of this branch of science.


  1. Dude, you need to get a grip. I am non-religious myself and I hate the insane bullshit known as creationism with a seething passion. That said, people like Francis Collins and Ken Miller, though I don't agree with them, are not our enemy. Theistic evolutionists are not a threat to society even if they are wrong.

  2. Dude, you need to go fuck yourself. You suck-ups are equal to terrorists because the extremists love you assholes.


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