Sunday, February 27, 2011

“God said the earth would not be destroyed by a flood.” John Shimkus, Republican on the Subcommittee on Energy and Environment

But since taking over the House of Representatives, the Republicans have packed science-related committees with lawmakers who refute such basic findings as the reality of global warming and the threats of climate change. Fred Upton, the head of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, has said outright that he does not believe that global warming is man-made. John Shimkus of Illinois, who also sits on the committee — as well as on the Subcommittee on Energy and Environment — has said that the government doesn’t need to make a priority of regulating greenhouse-gas emissions, because as he put it late last year, “God said the earth would not be destroyed by a flood.”

I used to be a Republican but I can't vote for Republicans anymore. They have become too god-soaked and too retarded. They have figured out the best way to get elected and reelected in Idiot America is by being as stupid as possible, and they're experts at it.

If Christians say they're pro-environment, they're lying. They think the entire universe was magically created just for them, so they can do whatever they want with it, including destroying it. Why not wipe out every species and pollute our rivers, lakes, and oceans? Jeebus will fix everything when he comes back.

Christian assholes are not just evolution deniers. They're science deniers. They are willing to throw out all of science to defend their dead Jeebus. They're willing to throw out our entire planet if that's lucrative for them.

Fuck off and die Christian scum.


  1. They got into bed with the fundies to defeat Carter, who was a genuine Christian. They couldn't take the South based on racism anymore, so they had to invent the "Moral Majority."

    That became their base, and now that they're impoverishing Americans by the millions, they have only the "culture war" going for them. If poor people really knew about their policies they would run away in droves.

    But gay marriage? Oh noes!!!! It's the apocalypse!

  2. As a Christian (asshole or not) I find Shimkus' comments abhorrent. More than ever Christians as well as everyone else need to step up and take responsibility for their part in screwing up this planet's climate. Misquoting one passage of the Bible doesn't alleviate responsibility for man-made climate change, and resigning it all to God, as if he is some kind of cosmic janitor waiting to clean up our mess is not only an insult to God but a naive and childish view of what Christianity is all about.

    Christians should be taking a lead in tackling climate change, not placing obstacles in the way. Please don't write off the entire global Christian view of this issue based on one man's ignorance and laziness.

  3. You find Shimkus' comments abhorrent. Perhaps you should ask yourself why do you belong to an anti-science organization (Christianity). If I was a member of an organization infested with idiots who want to destroy our planet, I would throw that organization out. Of course I have moral values.

  4. I call myself a Christian not because I am a member of an "organization", but because of what it originally means - literally, "little Christ". This means that when I call myself a Christian, it's because I choose to (try to) live according to the principles I read about Jesus demonstrating - these being standing up for the poor, those society rejects, tackling injustice and, when necessary, rejecting and offending the established religious institutions. I readily admit that over the centuries, "Christians" have failed miserably in living up to the label they have adopted for themselves, but does this failure mean that the principles which Jesus taught have to be thrown out as well?

    You're absolutely right though - there are many, many parts of the established church that should, and need to be rejected and "thrown out", and more Christians need to do this. Jesus himself was a Jew, and yet we read about him ransacking synagogues and offending the religious leaders of the time. In the same way, as a Christian I absolutely reject many of the activities and behaviours of the church especially in the 21st Century West. However, I will not reject Jesus's call to help the vulnerable, fight injustice, defend the poor, tackle oppression and, I'm sure, work for the ending of man-made climate change. A high standard - but one which I hope you agree is worth aiming for.

  5. However, I will not reject Jesus's call to help the vulnerable, fight injustice, defend the poor, tackle oppression and, I'm sure, work for the ending of man-made climate change.

    That's great but I have to wonder what Jeebus has to do with it.

    This is the 21st century. Do we still need to invoke a preacher who dropped dead 2,000 years ago? A preacher who by the way was a science denier and who today would be called an uneducated moron.

    I have this idea that if Muslim terrorists and Christian extremists were the only people on earth who had superstitious beliefs, they just might wonder if they were normal. Right now thanks to "moderate" religious people (as if being deluded is moderate) the extremists have no reason to think they're not perfectly normal. For example why should the suicide bombers throw out their magical paradise if most Americans have the exact same cowardly belief that makes terrorism possible?

  6. I'm not a fan of Bill Maher but he got this right:

    If you belonged to a political party or a social club that was tied to as much bigotry, misogyny, violence and sheer ignorance as religion is, you'd resign in protest. To do otherwise is to be an enabler, a mafia wife for the true devils of extremism that draw their legitimacy from the millions of their fellow followers.

    -- Bill Maher

  7. So, to take Bill Maher's quote at face value, by living a life according to the fundamental teachings of Jesus to "love your neighbour" I'm essentially promoting these destructive behaviours done in the name of religion? I struggle to see that correlation.

    As I said earlier, I wish more Christians would "resign" from the church if this meant that the sickening behaviour it has demonstrated over the years might stop. I for one have no problem saying that I want to be considered separate from many of the activities that go on in the name of God. Maybe it's a case of semantics - the word Christian has so much baggage and means little to most people of what it means to me. If so, maybe I'll stop referring to myself as a "Christian" and find some other label to show that I'm living in response to what I believe in Jesus and not as a subscriber or member of an organization, party or club?

  8. I get along well with my neighbors without invoking Jeebus.

    Why this obsession with an ancient person who if he really claimed to be the son of god he was a pathological liar?

    Why shouldn't people who think they're rational completely separate themselves from anything that even sounds religious?

    I would have thought the 9/11 attacks would be enough for people like you to say "enough is enough, I will never again have anything to do with any religious concept or religious leader."

    Anyway, thanks for seeming to be almost normal. Christians like you are rare. Sane but unfortunately still part of the problem, as are agnostics, and as are atheist wimps who suck up to religious insanity.

    The goal should be to consider all spiritual ideas to be equal to the magical Easter Bunny, equally childish, insane, and impossible. And there's heaven which is all of the above plus being dangerous. Heaven has got to go. It's immoral to tolerate the magical heaven fantasy.

  9. The Sermon on the Mount was rather nice, and kind of quaint. If Jesus existed, he was wise enough to know that most people are selfish idiots who have to be told to be nice to people. Good parents (unlike the "heavenly father") teach empathy to their children, so that by kindergarten the Sermon on the Mount would be redundant for them.

    Lazy parents are jerks at home and would rather watch football than develop character intheir children. So they delegate that to the church. And of course being all-knowing and wise, they pick the right church and don't turn their children's well being over to pedophiles.


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