Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'm right about everything and everyone else is a fucking idiot.

By "I'm right about everything" I mean I'm correct when I say evolution is a basic fact and I'm correct when I say every god fairy ever invented and every religious fantasy ever invented is bullshit.

By "everyone else is a fucking idiot" I mean the vast majority of Americans are fucking idiots. I'm not talking about the 16% of Americans who agree with the choice on a Gallup Poll which says something like "people developed from ancient apes and supernatural magic was not one of the mechanisms that made this scientific fact possible."

This means 84% of Americans are fucking idiots which also happens to be approximately the percentage of Americans who are theist retards.

There are theists who stick their dead Jeebus into biology as in "Jeebus guided and/or used and/or invented evolution". Notice these superstitious assholes never pollute any other branch of science with their magic man. Only biology gets the god bullshit treatment. These theists are wrong. They're also insane gullible idiots and uneducated morons.

There are other theists who completely reject the incredibly vast amount of extremely powerful evidence for evolution. How do these tards do this? They just say "there's no evidence for evolution" as if their total ignorance about everything is greater than the knowledge and experience of all the world's biologists. These assholes are beyond brain-dead but the theist scum who pollute evolution with supernatural magic are not any better.

Then there's the agnostics. I'm generally against genocide but I would have no problem with the complete eradication of every wishy-washy full-of-shit agnostic asshole from this planet. When they say "I can't rule out the possibility of magic (aka god) in the universe" they are not just being as stupid as the Bible thumpers and the terrorists, they're also full of shit. They are part of the problem and the world would be better off without agnostic scum.

I KNOW I'm right about everything I've written in this post. Evolution is fact. Magical gods are bullshit. Evolution has the evidence (overwhelming, powerful, massive, etc.). Supernatural bullshit has exactly zero evidences. The theists have nothing except their cowardly fear of reality and their gullible acceptance of any bullshit that makes them feel better, no matter how idiotic, childish, and ridiculously impossible the idea is, including the god fairy itself.

I KNOW the theists, the science deniers, and the science polluters are wrong because the evidence says they're wrong. Why do they believe bullshit that couldn't possibly be true while denying science that most certainly is true? There's only one possible explanation. Every theist in the world and every agnostic in the world is a fucking idiot.

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