Monday, February 28, 2011

Let's see how long it takes for these Liars-For-Jeebus to censor my comment.

3/1/2011 UPDATE: IF YOU'RE A NORMAL PERSON (aka not a Christian) please visit this stupid asshole's website and tell him what you think of his using Darwin to defend his supernatural magic. One visitor to this blog has already done this.


These assholes for Jeebus had the nerve to invoke Charles Darwin, the father of modern biology, to defend their idiotic childish magical intelligent design creationism. Of course they were dishonest about it, knowing their gullible customers never check facts and they can't understand science anyway. Of course the professional assholes are equally retarded but that's no excuse for being a liar.

(Their link doesn't work for my Apple computer's Safari browser but it does work with the Firefox browser.)

I wrote the following comment at Darwin on intelligent design:

"And in the section above it is clear that Darwin thought that intelligent beings were the chief agents (of) the selection of genetic traits. It is also worth noting that Darwin thought that purpose or intentionality, even if 'slowly and unconsciously accumulated', was a central part of his theory of natural selection."

They're called farmers. They select the cows with the features they want for reproduction. Darwin called it artificial selection.

Natural selection means nature does the selecting. When a creature has what it takes to live long enough to reproduce, that creature's genes get passed on to the next generation. Darwin didn't invoke any "
purpose or intentionality" for natural selection, and your implying that he did that is just plain dishonest.


This was their reply and of course they used the code words "intelligent agency" for "The Magic Man Did It". Their "Darwin described natural selection as a causal agent with goals and agendas." is dishonest bullshit. Darwin never said that. Do these assholes seriously think I'm going to buy their make-believe crap?

Darwin described natural selection as a causal agent with goals and agendas. It is no accident he used the farmers and breeders of his time as a concrete example to explain his theory. It is just unfortunate that proponents today seem to be blind to the incredible amount of intelligent agency attributed to what is supposed to be a blind, pitiless "force of nature".

I wrote a 2nd comment:

"Darwin described natural selection as a causal agent with goals and agendas."

Show me the quote from Darwin that confirms this. Until then I will assume you're lying for your dead Jeebus.

You can fool your gullible customers but normal people want verification.

It's also interesting that you invoked the father of modern biology to defend your magical intelligent design creationism which Darwin showed is unnecessary nonsense. Have you no decency?

Also, Darwin was a 19th century scientist. I thought we were living in the 21st century. You religious guys seem to love to live in the ancient past. Normal people prefer to be current.

Defending your "faith" (I would call it something else) must be a bit difficult in a world of never ending scientific discoveries which have repeatedly eliminated hiding places for your god of the gaps. Fortunately for you your customers don't check facts, and in any case they are unable to understand science.


I wrote a 3rd comment:

Sorry to bother you again but I should correct something I said earlier. I wrote "Until then I will assume you're lying for your dead Jeebus."

I was wrong to use the word "assume" because I KNOW you were lying about Darwin. He never "described natural selection as a causal agent with goals and agendas."

You can say you stand corrected and I will forget it. Otherwise you're permanently on my list of professional liars, and I will make sure everyone knows about it.

Of course I understand your dishonesty is necessary. How else are you going to defend magic in the 21st century?


I wrote a 4th comment:

Why do you call a fairy with a magic wand "intelligence being at the center of the universe". Are you trying to hide the fact you have a childish idiotic belief in magic? Is your problem you don't want to admit you live in an everything-is-magic fantasy world while the rest of the world has left behind the Dark Ages you still live in?

And why do you invoke a 19th century scientist who has shown your superstitions are ridiculous to defend your childish superstitions? It would be like me invoking your dead Jeebus preacher man to defend evolution.

Well guess what mister, evolution doesn't need defending because it's the strongest fact of science, the foundation of biology, and it has more evidence than you could spend a lifetime lying about.

You owe the entire scientific community an apology because you have insulted their integrity and their 152 years of scientific discoveries.

"One need only pickup and read Darwin's own Origin of Species."

This is 2011, not 1859. There's been a tremendous amount of scientific discoveries since then. Read Why Evolution is True by Jerry Coyne published in 2009.

If Darwin could be alive today he would be proud and amazed that his natural selection idea is now stronger than he could have ever imagined possible. And he would be disgusted by professional liars like you who are dishonestly using his name to defend magic.

Let's have that apology.

My comments which you censored can be found here:

darwinkilledgod dot blogspot dot com


I wrote a 5th comment:

Your "the implications of design" equal "the implications of MAGIC".

When you call magic "design" who do you think you're fooling?

It's bad enough that your evidence-free beliefs are childish. It's bad enough you spread lies about dead scientists. You also spread lies about your own magical fantasies.

When your fairy waves its magic wand you call that design, and you think you can do that without every scientist in the world laughing at you. Pathetic.


I wrote a 6th comment:

MAGIC is at the center of the universe.

And the discoveries of all the world's scientists, both living and dead, make magic "more plausible".

Keep up the good work. You are proving to the world Christians are both dishonest and insane.

Find one real scientist who agrees with your childish fantasies. Not a liar for Jeebus like you. A real scientist who has made important contributions to biology, who doesn't work for a Bible college or Jeebus organization. Find that one real scientist who invokes a magic fairy (and hides the fairy in the center of the universe, at least your magical fantasies are original, other science deniers hide the fairy outside the universe.)

It's nutty to wish for something you already have.

You gullible superstitious Christians, you don't need your magical heaven, you're already living in a real heaven.

David Attenborough - Wonderful World - BBC

Many thanks to Jennifer Miller, a biology teacher who defended science education from Christian attacks against it.

Jennifer Miller, thanks for defending science education in 2005 from the religious attacks against it, and I'm glad you make evolution a major part of your biology curriculum because evolution is what makes science interesting. The evolution deniers want to make science boring.

You wrote "
The saddest thing is when they make you pick one way or the other: If you believe in evolution then you can't be religious. There are a lot of scientists who are religious -- they're able to marry both of those things."

I'm wondering why you think the truth is sad. Evolution does have religious implications. For example evolution completely eliminates the most important hiding place for the god of the gaps. Also, Jeebus was an evolution denier. This means Christians worship an uneducated moron.

Your "
a lot of scientists who are religious" is interesting because they virtually don't exist. The top scientists of the world who belong to the National Academy of Sciences are 93% atheist.

Let's tell the truth about the religious implications. A quote from David Horton of Australia which I agree with:
"From May 1859, the origin of the Origin of Species, it was impossible for an intelligent person to be religious."



For some reason I expected better from but I just went back there and found comments from three assholes for Jeebus. I wrote the following replies:

"just because one has spiritual beliefs doesn't necessarily mean that they are a lesser human being."

Right. It just means they're superstitious cowards. They invoke magic for everything because they're afraid of reality. Their logic is "I don't understand. I don't want to understand. I'm too lazy to understand. Therefore the magic god fairy did it."

Maybe you can describe your fairy's magic wand.

"Believing that complex DNA just materializd out of nowhere is a ridiculous idea to many."

Complexity, complexity, complexity, therefore a god fairy waved its magic wand.

Some people will never grow up.

leuken, your "a segment of the scientific community" who are religious virtually doesn't exist. Like I already wrote, the members of the National Academy of Sciences are 93% atheist. There's something seriously wrong with the other 7%, but most certainly they are not fundamentalists, and of course they don't have one shred of evidence for any supernatural fantasies they might have.

And that's what every religious belief is, a childish fantasy.

leuken, describe your fairy's magic wand. If you can't do that, you have nothing to add here.


This subhuman is a world-class asshole. Here's my comment:

Another liar for Jeebus wrote "I have no religion and I have completely studied all the science and biology on 'evolution' and there is no evolution."

You have "
no religion" but you deny the foundation of biology anyway.

You have "
completely studied all the science" but you're still a science denier.

What you are mister is a pathological liar. No religion? You studied all the science? Do you really expect anyone to believe you? What's the point of being dishonest if everyone already knows you're a liar?

What does a professional science denier do when he's babbling about magical creationism and he knows there's a biologist in his audience?

Before the lying begins the asshole says "There will be no Q&A because my voice is giving out."

Then the retard speaks for hours about why science should be thrown out because magic can solve every scientific problem.

This is why I ridicule you Christian morons. You can't defend your everything-is-magic fantasy world so you censor scientists to prevent them from explaining why you're a fucking idiot.

If you moderate Christians think you're pro-science, why do you worship a science denier (your dead Jeebus)?

Of course there are no moderate Christians because there's nothing moderate about being a fucking idiot.

However there are Christians who accept evolution (but virtually all of these assholes pollute evolutionary biology with their god fairy's magic wand).

These same Christians worship a science denier. The dead Jeebus was a creationist, also known as an uneducated moron. I would expect better from someone who claimed to be the son of the Master of the Universe.

Do you Christian tards ever think? If yes, why do you worship an idiot?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

“God said the earth would not be destroyed by a flood.” John Shimkus, Republican on the Subcommittee on Energy and Environment

But since taking over the House of Representatives, the Republicans have packed science-related committees with lawmakers who refute such basic findings as the reality of global warming and the threats of climate change. Fred Upton, the head of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, has said outright that he does not believe that global warming is man-made. John Shimkus of Illinois, who also sits on the committee — as well as on the Subcommittee on Energy and Environment — has said that the government doesn’t need to make a priority of regulating greenhouse-gas emissions, because as he put it late last year, “God said the earth would not be destroyed by a flood.”

I used to be a Republican but I can't vote for Republicans anymore. They have become too god-soaked and too retarded. They have figured out the best way to get elected and reelected in Idiot America is by being as stupid as possible, and they're experts at it.

If Christians say they're pro-environment, they're lying. They think the entire universe was magically created just for them, so they can do whatever they want with it, including destroying it. Why not wipe out every species and pollute our rivers, lakes, and oceans? Jeebus will fix everything when he comes back.

Christian assholes are not just evolution deniers. They're science deniers. They are willing to throw out all of science to defend their dead Jeebus. They're willing to throw out our entire planet if that's lucrative for them.

Fuck off and die Christian scum.

The stupidity continues to burn out of control at a Christian Taliban website.

I wrote the following comment at Adopt Terrorists for Prayer.

This is way beyond dumb. "Adopt a Terrorist for Prayer website founder Dr. Thomas Bruce has asked Christians to both forgive and pray for Aldawsari."

Instead of praying to your dead Jeebus (as if dead gods can listen to you talking to yourself), why not grow up and throw out your childish wishful thinking that makes terrorism possible, your cowardly belief in a magical heaven, the most goofy concept ever invented.

Reality, it's a wonderful thing. Don't be afraid.

"He maintains that praying for terrorists is not only about being nice"

There's nothing nice about it. It's an insult and you morally corrupt weirdos know it's an insult.

Religion can't answer any question. Religions are nothing more than wishful thinking, wild guessing, and bullshit.

Also please see Science will win because it works.

These cartoons were stolen from an excellent blog in Canada.

Cowardly Christian assholes love censorship.

At a Christian Taliban website there's an article about hick-infested Mississippi where I wrote the following comment. Three Christian retards used their mouse to report it as abuse, and now it's "flagged as inappropriate". So I wrote the comment a second time with the question "Since when did telling the truth become inappropriate?"

Since when did telling the truth become inappropriate?

Mississippi shows that in the most religious states there's more poverty and more uneducated people. Religion makes stupid people even more stupid.


Here's another comment but I didn't write it on the censorship-loving Bible Thumper website.

Fuck you Christians. You're stupid, you're insane, you're morally corrupt, you're as gullible as a three year old, you're terrified of reality, you're uneducated morons, you look like dorks, you can't exist without sticking your nose into other people's private lives, you pollute the environment, you brainwash your children, you try to brainwash every else's children, you attack science education, you harass and threaten biology teachers, and you're constantly complaining about scientific progress. You have more in common with terrorists than anyone else. You Christians are scum, you're worthless, and you need to learn how to shut the fuck up. You assholes are being watched and you will never be allowed to get away with anything.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

"I believe that allowing a student to be exposed to the theory of MAGIC is a relevant and reasonable thing to do."

It's impossible to be more retarded than a Christian asshole.

"The entire slate of candidates running for school board in Oklahoma Lake Zurich Illinois say that they are all for science teachers introducing MAGIC in their classrooms."

I wrote a comment about the religious implications of evolution at a Oklahoma news website.

Letter to the Editor: Intelligent design is magical thinking

"Intelligent design is a form of magical thinking."

All religious beliefs, including intelligent design creationism and the god fairy itself, are beliefs in magic. There's no magic in the universe therefore all religious ideas are childish nonsense.

Evolution is a natural process that demonstrates every god ever invented was never necessary. If magic isn't required to explain the origin of species then it's ridiculous to invoke magic for anything else.

Moogle of Tulsa pretends natural processes are magical. This kind of breathtaking stupidity has disgraced our country long enough. It's about time to ridicule the science deniers until they learn how to shut up.

Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge: it is those who know little, not those who know much, who so positively assert that this or that problem will never be solved by science.
-- Charles Darwin

If the history of science teaches us anything, it is that what conquers our ignorance is research, not giving up and attributing our ignorance to the miraculous work of a creator.
-- Jerry Coyne

Science is a philosophy of discovery, intelligent design is a philosophy of ignorance.
-- Neil deGrasse Tyson

Evolution is still as absurd today as it was in Darwin's day, the only significant difference is that people have been constantly brainwashed for ...

I found this bullshit in the comments at this Christian Taliban website.

railhead: "Evolution is still as absurd today as it was in Darwin's day, the only significant difference is that people have been constantly brainwashed for the past 40 years through the mainstream media and public education."

I wrote this reply:

railhead = evolution denier = uneducated dope.

Nothing personal railhead. A few million other people share your disease.

Your "constantly brainwashed" is interesting. I thought it was the massive evidence for evolution which has convinced virtually every biologist in the world that evolution is a bloody fact. Usually brainwashing is an explanation for why people like you prefer supernatural magic instead of natural processes.

railhead, if you don't mind making Jeebus cry, why don't you stop being lazy and study the evidence. You can google "evidence evolution", being careful to avoid the Liars-For-Genesis, or you can study this stuff:

Christians love to demonstrate their insanity.

I occasionally visit a Christian Taliban blog to ridicule the assholes who infest it.

“We’re talking about radical trust,” Wilson said. “God comes to Noah, and says, ‘Noah, I have a job for you. I’m going to start all of civilization over with you and your family. Get on the boat, survive this flood’ … And Noah says, ‘I don’t really understand this but I’ll follow You.’”

Actually Pastor Wilson, the Noah's Ark genocide story is a myth. Only gullible children and extremely superstitious adults believe in it. But you, Pastor Wilson, prefer to believe in a god who was willing to murder babies. You need psychiatric help mister.

Christians are incapable of accepting evolution without sticking their dead Jeebus into it.

In hick-infested Oklahoma a pastor defends science education, but he can't do that without making evolutionary biology part of his idiotic religious beliefs.

Preacher man, you are correct to say magic doesn't belong in science education, but why do you call magic a scientific theory? Maybe you're just stupid.

The preacher man then sticks his fairy into evolutionary biology and as usual for religious idiots he isn't very specific about it.

"The Presbyterian Church I serve, as well as many other denominations, support the best evolutionary science as a partner with our religious faith. The creationist God of intelligent design is far smaller than my God who works through the evolutionary process."

Why don't the Christian tards ever say this:

"The Presbyterian Church I serve, as well as many other denominations, support the best gravity science as a partner with our religious faith. The creationist God of magical gravity is far smaller than my God who works through the gravity process."

They only single out evolution for their special Jeebus treatment. They know evolution kills their ridiculous death cult so to get around that problem they stick Jeebus into evolution as evolution's partner, as if a natural process needs an idiot waving his magic wand.

Grow up Christians. Evolutionary biology is just like any other branch of science. It doesn't need your fairy working "through the evolutionary process." Instead of polluting evolution with your god bullshit it would be better if you invoked your fairy for the magical creation of everything which by the way is exactly what your dead Jeebus did.

If you can't grow up and be a normal person (aka atheist) then at least have the decency to keep your superstitious nose out of science. Scientists don't need and they don't want your childish fantasies to be their partner. Understand preacher man?

And to you atheist wimps who cheer for these moron preachers who pretend they are for science even though they believe in the resurrection of their dead Jeebus into a zombie, you can go fuck yourselves because you're dishonest and because you're part of the religious insanity problem.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Christian retards infest the school board of a Chicago suburb.

The Christian war against science education in Idiot America is not limited to the Deep South. In a Chicago suburb there are four candidates for the local school board. Every single one of them is a Christian asshole who wants to force biology teachers to teach supernatural magic.


Hello Christian morons. Here's some facts.

Creationism is magic.

Magic isn't real.

Forcing your magic into public schools is a violation of the Establishment Clause of our constitution.

Biology teachers would never agree to teach your magical bullshit.

They would rather teach the foundation of biology in their biology classrooms.

The foundation of biology is evolution.

Evolution is a basic scientific fact you fucking retards.

You assholes are traitors.

Shut the fuck up or get out of my country.

You can read about these Cockroaches-For-Jeebus here:


2/26/2011 UPDATE:

I went back to the news website and I found this gem in the comments:

"Mr. Darwin said his theory would fall apart if transitional fossil records were not found. They have never been found. Yes, there is evolution: changes within species over time. But THERE IS NO EVIDENCE of any evolution of any new species in the fossil records. Why do people try so hard to believe it? It actually requires a larger leap of faith over an imaginary gap in the fossil record than it requires to have faith in the creation story. DO YOUR OWN REAL RESEARCH ON DARWIN-- away from the emotion and hype. Evolutionary theory as Darwin laid it out has failed the test. Even HE would not accept it today. The two points of view should be presented side-by-side so that students can engage in critical thinking on their own. Or are we now telling students WHAT to think?

There are no fossils of transitional species? The evolution denier is an uneducated moron. What a surprise!

The fossils are priceless and they help scientists understand the history of life, but thanks to other branches of science like molecular biology fossils are not necessary to call evolution an established truth. Do you understand Mr. Asshole-For-Jeebus?

The massive evidence for evolution requires faith?

Should everyone throw out the discoveries of the thousands of biologists to become a magical creationist retard like you?

The foundation of biology is a point of view?

Science and magic should be presented side-by-side?

"Or are we now telling student WHAT to think?"

Science teachers teach their students HOW to think. You obviously never learned how to do that you fucking superstitious idiot.