Saturday, February 19, 2011

The stupid assholes of the Christian Creationist Discovery Institute.

I wrote these comments at Some scientiffic views are more equal than others in America. Every comment except the last one was censored. Notice that the asshole can't spell simple words.


David Klinghoffer is the token Jew at the Christian creationist organization called the Discovery Institute. Klinghoffer is one of their professional liars for Jeebus. Like the other idiots of the Christian Discovery Institute, Klinghoffer knows nothing about biology or any other branch of science. He calls his magical creationism "intelligent design" as if calling magic by a different name makes it less childish.

The subhuman Klinghoffer calls evolution a scientific view. Wrong, Klinghoffer. Basic scientific facts are not viewpoints. Klinghoffer cries like a baby when some incompetent fake scientist is thrown out the window because he believes in magical intelligent design creationism (which is not science).

This is a quote I found at another website:

"The idea that proponents of ID creationism have been discriminated against is based on a misconception - namely, that every idea is of equal merit. ID creationists aren't able to gain acceptance for their ideas not because of philosophical resistance, discrimination, or conspiracy, but because their ideas are stupid."


The drooling Klinghoffer wrote "Intelligent design presents scientific evidence that, over billions of years, an intelligent force guided life's evolution."


Magical Intelligent Design Creationism presents scientific evidence that, over billions of years, a god fairy created every species out of nothing, using a magic wand and some magic words like abracadabra and hocus pocus.

Grow up Klinghoffer. Scientists don't invoke magic fairies to solve scientific problems. And you're not fooling anyone when you call your fairy an "intelligent force".


This is the only comment that didn't get censored:


The drooling dope calls his magic god fairy an "intelligent force".

Klinghoffer, a Jewish liar for Jeebus, calls his magical creationism "intelligent design" as if calling magic by a different name makes it less childish. Like the other clowns of the Christian Creationist Discovery Institute, Klinghoffer, a scientifically illiterate professional liar, makes a living from trying to destroy America's science education. Klinghoffer and his anti-science friends are enemies of America. The Christian Discovery Institute liars don't fly airplanes into buildings but they have caused more damage to the future of this country than the terrorists. Instead of destroying buildings they destroy minds.


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