Monday, May 16, 2011

Ten reasons why heaven is bullshit.

This is my 23rd post about heaven. It's important to eradicate the cowardly childish idiotic heaven fantasy because it makes terrorism possible. Here's 10 reasons why there couldn't possibly be a supernatural heaven.

1. Heaven is ridiculously impossible.

2. Heaven is exactly what a gullible coward would wish for.

3. There's not a shred of evidence for a supernatural heaven.

4. Evolution is a bloody fact. Therefore we are just animals. The same natural processes that caused the development of cockroaches also caused the development of our species (modern human apes). Even the most retarded Bible thumper and even the most insane terrorist agrees there's no magical heaven for cockroaches, so there's absolutely no reason to believe dead human apes go there.

5. There's no magic in the universe.

6. Even if there was magic in the universe, a master of the universe would have to be waving its magic wand constantly to perform all the magic tricks required to transport dead people there. It's fair to say it wouldn't bother with it.

7. There's not one shred of evidence for the magic god fairy that would be required to send dead human apes to a magical heaven.

8. A person would have to be an idiot to believe in heaven. Does this mean the majority of Americans are idiots? YES.

9. A person would have to be a drooling moron to believe in heaven. Does this mean the majority of Americans are extremely stupid? YES.

10. Have you ever smelled a dead human animal? It's worse than disgusting. These things stay dead. They don't magically reappear somewhere else. If you really believe the heaven bullshit, you need to grow up, face facts, and learn how to stop being a gullible coward.


Christian morons, how does this heaven business work? If I understand your cowardly belief correctly, your soul (whatever that is) magically flies up to the clouds (or who knows where) and then magically transforms itself into your disgusting dead body, except now you're alive again, living in some magical place infested with other Christian idiots like yourselves. Jeebus must be waving his magic wand like crazy to make this bullshit work.

And your magical selves live forever in this fantasy land, for trillions and trillions of years. Long after the entire universe goes extinct, you're still alive playing with your harp, bored out of your fucking mind.


Here's another reason to throw out the cowardly childish heaven fantasy.

Our planet is just a speck of almost nothing in a vast universe of trillions and trillions of solar systems. Why would a magical master of the universe give this place special treatment? It makes no sense. Of course the magic god fairy also makes no sense.

Richard Feynman tried to explain it. I have shown this quote to Christian tards before. They don't understand. They can't think and they don't want to think. They're Christians because they're drooling morons.

"I can't believe the special stories that have been made up about our relationship to the universe at large because they seem to be too simple, too local, too provincial. The earth, he came to the earth, one of the aspects of god came to the earth mind you, and look at what's out there. It isn't in proportion."
-- Richard Feynman


I wrote this comment at Imagine no heaven.

humanape says:

The cowardly childish idiotic heaven fantasy (which makes terrorism possible) is extremely important to Christians. To believe in a heaven they of course have to be gullible morons. Also, they have to believe people were magically created out of nothing to be completely separate from the rest of nature. Evolution kills this bullshit, therefore Christians must either completely deny evolution or they must stick Jeebus into it somewhere. Accepting evolution as pure science (without supernatural intervention) is out of the question for the cowards who need to believe in another life after dropping dead.

My point is for Christians to fully accept the evidence for evolution they must first throw out their death cult. Atheists who dishonestly say Christians can accept both evolution and Jeebus are doing it wrong. To improve scientific literacy in Idiot America, the idiots must first learn how to grow up. They have to throw out Christianity.


  1. Heaven sounds like the most boring place ever imagined. I would much rather be dead forever than kissing the ass of a narcissistic sky fairy for eternity

  2. Hello LadyAtheist (who has an excellent blog at Atheism and secular living from a woman's point of view). I also would dread a magical heaven and sharing it forever with cowardly Christian tards. Definitely not something I would wish for.

    What I do wish for is a comment from a real Christian. Why do you believe in heaven even though it's an idiotic idea and even though it makes terrorism possible? Another question I would ask people who believe in heaven is Why are you afraid to grow up?

  3. Human Ape....been coming here for awhile now, I am glad you are back. You are funny as hell, and passionate about evolution and religion. I agree. Whether or not you believe in imaginary bullshit is THE most important question you have to ask yourself. False belief permeates our society like a virus.

    I keep trying to debate with creationists and stupid christians in the comment section of TheCultofDusty, PatCondell and other atheist YouTubers....I don't know why but I feel compelled. Talking to theists in real life is much, much too painful and frustrating.

    The eventual arguments that I have gotten from every christian I have ever talked to/debated with:

    - evolution is just a theory

    - you can't get something from nothing

    - you weren't a REAL christian before you became an atheist

    - other christians don't interpret the bible properly...neither do you...I do though

    - the world is really complicated...there MUST be a god

    - christianity is the TRUE religion of salvation, because jesus was awesome

    - you don't believe in anything

    - you can't have any morals without god

    As I transitioned from believer to atheist your postings (and others) were a consolation and comfort (I lost friends in this process). Thanks.

    Anyways - sorry to ramble on. I admire your work, and I have learned much from your postings regarding evolution. Thanks.


  4. Inver Stone, I greatly appreciate your comment because you made me realize that perhaps this blog hasn't been a waste of my time.

    I've noticed the same things you noticed about the Bible thumpers. For the first misconception on your list I quote the National Academy of Sciences and that usually shuts them up.

    The next time a Christian asshole says "evolution is a theory, not a fact" show the retard this:

  5. I get frustrated because Christians characterize atheists as people who are stupid (Evolution is just a theory) and atheists see anyone who has any form of faith as being stupid (as this blog indicates).

    There are people on both side of the fence that are not stupid. I believe in the possibility of an afterlife, because all any of us can do is decide which possibility we will endorse based off of an incredible number of factors, since we cannot claim 100% knowledge when we are not omniscient. Atheists endorse the possibility that death is final, others do not.

    The tension comes in when people argue about things they claim to know as fact that they can only have faith in. Atheists have faith that their understanding of reality is accurate in a similar way that those who believe in an afterlife do.

    Where I think atheists are more commendable than Christians is that they seem to be more likely to expound on why they believe based off of logic instead of sweeping generalizations. This blog post was disappointing because the poster is guilty of the same broad and sweeping statements he seems to be angry with Christians for making.

  6. Mr. Jiles, you wrote this 6 years ago and I just noticed it now.

    "atheists see anyone who has any form of faith as being stupid (as this blog indicates)."

    I stand by what I wrote. Anyone who uses "faith" as an excuse to throw out reality (which you have done) is just plain stupid.

    There is no magical 2nd life. Period. Anyone who thinks there might be a 2nd life is a coward and totally insane.

    This is called reality. Reality does not care about cowards like you.


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