Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Evolution deniers prove Darwin killed the magic god fairy.

Evolutionary biology is unlike any other branch of science. It's the most interesting science there is, and it's the only science that uneducated morons complain about. Christian idiots and Muslim terrorists are afraid of evolution because because this branch of science more than any other threatens the existence of their god fairy. Even the Christians who admit people share an ancestor with chimps feel they have to stick their magician into evolution, mostly to guide the evolution of human apes because they need to pretend people are the god fairy's favorite species. Other pro-science Christians say god invented evolution but they never say that about any other natural process. Only evolution threatens their fantasy world enough for them to pollute it with their supernatural bullshit.

It's obvious virtually all religious people fear evolution because it threatens everything they were brainwashed to believe. They could grow up and throw out the brainwashing but they're too cowardly to do that.

For the professionals of the vast religion industry, the preachers, priests, and clerics, evolution threatens their careers. If evolution is true and if evolution works just fine without a god's magic wand, then these worthless assholes would have to get real jobs. So these liars for Jeebus and Mohammed demand that their gullible customers either deny evolution or stick god in there somewhere. Otherwise the magic fairy is worthless and their evil business is ruined.

Of course as every educated person who isn't insane knows, evolution is the strongest fact of science and god bullshit is not required to make it work. And like any other natural process, it did not need a magical inventor. How much longer can the assholes for Jeebus keep the truth of this basic scientific fact a secret? Not very long if everyone was able to get a decent education from a competent biology teacher, and that's why there's a Christian war against science education. There was a Muslim war against science education but that war is over with. The Muslim terrorists won. It's virtually impossible to learn anything about evolution in Muslim countries, even at the university level. That's why when religions finally start to die out, Islam will be the last religion left.

How long will it take before the entire human ape population realizes Darwin killed God? How many more generations of wasted lives before science completely replaces the god fantasy?

If only every young person in the world was able to be properly taught modern biology, the god disease could be eradicated in less than a century.

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  1. Seems to me that no matter what evidence is presented, no matter what proof is produced, no matter how totally nosensicle the twat taught as truth by "religoius leaders" is, believers will not be moved to consider the facts. It's like the mormons. The bloke that came up their version of the amusing nonsense of religion came up with their wholly book, the "Book of mormon". That book says that indigenous North Americans are decendants of some mob of middle eastern mullas. Biologists have proven this to be wrong with a doubt. It's not a theory, the nonsense has been proven to be just that. But, it has no effect. mormons continue to believe in joe Smiths fairy tale and are poorer humans because of it.


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