Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wonderful progress for Idiot America. Only 84% of our population is retarded, down from 86%.

A small minority of Americans hold the ‘secular evolution’ view that humans evolved with no influence from God — but the number has risen from 9% in 1982 to 16% today.

Evolution does not need any adjectives. Evolution is called “evolution”, not “secular evolution” which is as stupid as calling gravity “secular gravity”.

16% of Americans get it. That’s up from 14% and it used to be only 9%. For any civilized country this would be disgraceful but for Idiot America this is excellent progress. This means only 84% of Americans either completely reject evolution, or they think magic is one of evolution’s mechanisms. Not too bad for the most backward nation in the Western world.

By the way, Corkey, your god fairy didn’t invent anything. Natural processes like evolution don’t need magical inventors.

One more thing.

40% Of Americans Reject Evolution” is not correct. The gallup poll shows that 84% of Americans reject evolution. When people stick a magic god fairy into evolutionary biology, that is equivalent to denying the fact that evolution is a natural process, which means they are evolution deniers, which means they’re retarded.

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