Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Today's religious news from Iraq -- the usual suicide bombings and something good for a change.

From today's Tuesday 12/28/2010 Wall Street Journal:

Two suicide bombers blew themselves up in front of a government office building in western Iraq, killing nine people.

Every day Muslims kill themselves to murder innocent people for their Allah fantasy.

Of course on the same day there was another suicide bombing in another country: A suicide bomber killed at least three people as police officers lined up to withdraw salaries from a bank in the Afghan city of Kandahar.

As far as I know I don't get any Muslim visitors. This blog is still very new and not well known. If a Muslim ever does visit this blog, I would like to ask him or her, why don't you grow up?


Here's the good news:

Iraq wants the U.S. out.

This is wonderful news that will save American taxpayers billions of dollars. Thanks Iraq. I was getting a bit tired of all my tax dollars going to support your worthless dirtbag terrorist-infested country.

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