Friday, March 25, 2011

The junk food industry, the tobacco industry, and the religion industry are equally worthless and equally evil.

The junk food and cigarette industries manufacture products that kill their customers. The people who work for these corporations are guilty of genocide. The Jeebus business is worse. It makes its customers insane.

All three of these businesses acquire new customers (AKA victims) by brainwashing innocent children. The junk food industry uses commercials for children's TV shows to convince them to eat the crap they sell. The cigarette industry can't legally advertise to children but they do it anyway if they can get away with it, for example there's the Joe Camel cartoon character.

The assholes of the Jeebus business are expert brainwashers because they've been mentally abusing children for several centuries. It's for a good reason most religious tards belong to the exact same religion as their great great ... great great grandparents. It's considered normal to call a two year old a Catholic child or a Baptist child or a Muslim child because the brainwashing is assumed. Mental child abuse is expected and tolerated for all religions. I don't tolerate it. I have extreme contempt for these assholes but in Idiot America I'm in the minority. The vast majority of Americans think it's perfectly OK to ruin a child's life with superstitious stupidity.

The parents do most of the brainwashing but there are also the professional assholes who abuse children for a living. A good example (if you can call a subhuman good) is Ken Ham of Answers in Stupidity. He has made religious indoctrination his career. He specializes in making children hate science. His Assholes-For-Jeebus business is extremely lucrative.

My next post is for the victims of religious brainwashing. I will explain how easy it is for them to recover from their disease.

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