Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"I know there is a heaven because God's word speaks of one."

God's word is a big problem in Idiot America. More than two hundred million cowardly Americans invoke God's word to justify their childish fantasies and their willingness to throw out all of science. There's no helping these subhumans. Their disease is incurable unless they are lucky enough (when they're still very young) to meet someone who isn't infected.

The title of this post was a typical comment from the tards who voted YES for a poll that asked "Do you believe in heaven?"

The results were about what I would expect for Idiot America despite the thousands of PZ's minions who have been trying to fix it. About 105,000 votes for heaven, about 25,000 votes against heaven, and about 16,000 votes for I'm not sure but I hope so.

Without the childish heaven fantasy preachers would have to get real jobs and there would be no more daily suicide bombings. It's fair to say the people who believe in heaven have no moral values, they're gullible idiots, they're severely mentally ill, and they're wasting their lives.

I tell these cowards "You're already living in a real heaven. If you still wish for a magical heaven you're being greedy (and a few other things)."

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