Monday, April 23, 2012

Fantastic claims require fantastic evidence but theists have not one shred of evidence for their idiotic magic god fairy fantasy.

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"All this fact does is put the burden of proof on the atheist rather than the believer since he is the one dissenting from the great majority."

It doesn't matter if most people are infected with the god disease. It's their fantasy. They have to provide evidence for it.

Why should I provide evidence against something that's too ridiculous to take seriously? A fairy with unlimited magical powers hiding somewhere in the universe? A fairy who is invoked to solve scientific problems that have already been solved? Why bother with it? God is equal to the Easter Bunny. Equally childish, equally stupid, and equally insane.

Every god ever invented is a supernatural magician. God = Magic. Theists might not want to admit it, but they have a childish belief in magic. They would rather not have to provide evidence for their magical fantasies because there isn't any. A magical god couldn't have any evidence because there can't be evidence for magic. There can't be evidence for magic because magic is an idiotic impossible fantasy. Gods exist only in the minds of gullible cowardly idiots.

"Depending on the matter at hand, we must define the type of evidence we need in order to be convinced."

For something as insane as the god fantasy, a god which has never shown itself, you need some extremely powerful and extremely massive scientific evidence. Anything less is not enough for something as ridiculous and just plain stupid as a belief in supernatural magic. Fantastic claims require fantastic evidence, and you got nothing. Not one shred of evidence to justify your disease.

Without the child abuse called religious indoctrination your god fantasy would go extinct in less than a century. People believe in a magical god only because they were brainwashed to believe in it.

It's pathetic that I have to explain this. This is the 21st century. There is no longer any need for Dark Ages superstitions. Theists should be as rare as flat-earthers.

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