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If you want to see this blog again some day, here's one way you can get here:
1. Type darwin killed god in the google search box.
2. Click the I'm Feeling Lucky button. (1,727 posts)

If you only have time to read one post, I recommend you see this post to read and/or listen to the best speech ever about evolution:
If there's anything that might make Christians understand why denying evolution is a waste of a life, it is this speech by Ken Miller.

The most important post on this blog is
Human chromosome 2 and chimpanzee chromosomes 2p & 2q. I wish science deniers would try to understand this powerful evidence for evolution.

The most useful post on this blog is completely off topic:
How to be wealthy

If you're a Christian or if you belong to some other religious cult I strongly urge you to at least read this one post which is a copy and paste job. Neil deGrasse Tyson, an asthophysicist who you may have seen on NOVA on PBS, wrote this brilliant article about why invoking a god for anything is a bad idea. The Perimeter of Ignorance -- A boundary where scientists face a choice: invoke a deity or continue the quest for knowledge

My most popular post: Nude Nuns with Big Guns

If you're here for the first time please see my ten best posts. They're my best posts because I didn't write them.

This is my best post that isn't a cut-and-paste job: Creationists, I'm here to help you. I frequently ridicule science-deniers but if their disease is not incurable I'm willing to help save them from a lifetime of stupidity.

Abiogenesis (5 posts) is the study of how life on Earth developed from inorganic and organic molecules. Christian retards like to hide their god-of-the-gaps here. Their logic is "If I'm too stupid to understand a natural process then this is where Jeebus waved his magic wand."

I have a large collection of evidences for evolution (102 posts). If you're a science denier you should see this evidence you're so afraid of even though you probably won't be able to understand it. The massive amount of powerful evidence for evolution described in these 101 posts are only a small fraction of the millions of pieces of evidence for the strongest basic fact of science. Christian assholes and Muslim terrorists have no idea how much science they have to throw out when they deny the foundation of biology. They have no idea how interesting and exciting the history of life is compared to the childish made-up stories in their idiotic Bible and Qur'an. Their motto is "Science hard, hurts brain. God easy, no think."

Two of the most powerful (and easy to understand) evidences for evolution are ERVs (10 posts) and human chromosome two (11 posts).

Jerry Coyne wrote in Why Evolution is True: "Even without fossils, we have evidence of human evolution from comparative anatomy, embryology, our vestigial traits, and even biogeography. We've learned of our fishlike embryos, our dead genes, our transitory fetal coat of hair, and our poor design, all testifying to our origins. The fossil record (23 posts) is really the icing on the cake."

Everyone, especially the science-deniers, should read these quotes from the National Academy of Sciences.

Human apes and chimpanzee apes (6 posts) share an ancestor. Chimps are more closely related to humans than any other ape species.

If you're a Christian and you believe in heaven (52 posts) you're part of the terrorism problem. Please consider the advantages of growing up.

If you accept evolution and you still believe in a magic god fairy you have a serious problem. Please see the religious implications of evolution (117 posts) and theistic evolution is bullshit (16 posts).

Charles Darwin (22 posts) (the father of modern biology and the man who killed god) is the most important person who ever lived.

The same Christian assholes who are too stupid to understand a simple scientific concept like Natural Selection can't understand the Establishment Clause of the United States Constitution (27 posts).

I would not have a problem with Christians if they kept their insane death cult in their churches where it belongs. Unfortunately in Idiot America there's an out-of-control Christian War Against Science Education (143 posts).

This blog has 6 posts about the 2005 Dover Trial. Christian assholes wasted one million dollars of taxpayer money when they unsuccessfully tried to throw out our constitution so they could force biology teachers to teach the religious bullshit called Magical Intelligent Design Creationism. The science-deniers were thrown out of the school board by angry voters in Dover, Pennsylvania. Not only did the Christian scum lose in court, the biology teachers refused to cooperate. They refused to say anything in their science classroom to their students about supernatural magic.

The professional assholes for Jeebus who attack America's science education are traitors who belong in prison. I wrote about the science deniers of the Christian Creationist Discovery Institute (23 posts).

Here's the truth about the stupid fucking assholes of the Christian Creationist Discovery Institute and their "unyielding commitment to dishonesty": Muslim terrorists love the Christian Creationist Discovery Institute.

Christians live in a childish everything-is-magic fantasy world. I prefer reality (36 posts).

Every god ever invented is a magic god fairy of the gaps (6 posts).

I have extreme contempt for atheist wimps (30 posts).

I dedicate this post to America's looney liberal suck-up wimps: Muslims, your Prophet Mohammed was a fucking idiot, and you're equally retarded.

A famous child abuse expert is the stupid asshole Ken Ham. This subhuman owns the Magical Creationism Museum in Kentucky and the website called Answers in Stupidity (7 posts).

Thanks to the gullible cowards who believe in supernatural bullshit, religious insanity is out of control. I wrote about religious stupidity (65 posts) and religious violence (77 posts).

If you're lucky enough to live in a civilized country you might enjoy reading about Idiot America (72 posts).

I never met a science denier who understood what a scientific theory is. Whenever a Christian tard says "evolution is still a theory" I invoke this definition of a scientific theory (7 posts) from the National Academy of Sciences.

If you only have enough time to watch one video, please see We are just an upright-walking big-brained super-intelligent ape.

I wrote about racism (6 posts).

There are posts about Australia (6 posts) and Scotland (1 post).

Some of my best posts are off topic. There are 80 off topic posts.

Very off-topic: I'm fanatical about chess. If you share my addiction to the best game ever invented please write a comment at chess (4 posts).

20 people I admire:

Australia's brilliant David Horton (7 posts)

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