Monday, December 27, 2010

Only 16% of Idiot America's population accepts evolution without supernatural intervention. About the same percentage of Americans are atheists.

Therefore if an American isn't an atheist (also known as a normal person), virtually always he or she is either an evolution denier or they pollute evolution with god bullshit, as if magic was a mechanism of evolution.

Since evolution is most definitely a natural process (magic is not one of its mechanisms) and since evolution is the strongest fact of science (study the evidence religious idiots or shut up), it's fair to say Darwin killed God. Good riddance.

Now a Christian retard will say "Hey wait. I believe in both Jeebus and evolution."

These idiots are calling a basic scientific fact a belief but that's not their only problem. You can't say you accept evolution if you don't agree it's a completely natural process that didn't require a supernatural inventor or a supernatural mechanism. If you stick your creator in there you are a creationist and you are an evolution denier.

Since you can't stick your Magic Man into evolutionary biology without proving you're a superstitious idiot, and since your magician didn't have anything to do if you can't stick it in there, it's fair to say evolution makes your god fairy unnecessary, therefore it doesn't exist, unless of course you want to stick your fairy into some other gap as if invoking magic is ever going to solve any scientific problem.

Grow up Christian retards and other religious assholes. Scientists don't need your invisible Master of the Universe. They don't invoke its magic tricks for anything and they never will. So do you want to throw out your fairy now, or should you let your children or grandchildren or great grandchildren do that for you? You can't seriously expect your childish bullshit to survive forever in a world of never ending scientific progress.

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