Wednesday, November 9, 2011

This blog has zero tolerance for the world's theists and equally insane agnostics.

If you invoke supernatural magic for anything, whether it's a real gap or an imaginary gap in scientific knowledge, you're an idiot. You're too lazy to think so you invoke magic.

If you hide your fairy's magic wand in an imaginary gap (for example Idiot America's evolution deniers) you're an uneducated moron.

If you hide your magic man in a real gap, a place where scientific research has provided ideas but no consensus yet, then you're an idiot. A very lazy idiot. You don't understand so you invoke magic. The correct answer to unanswered questions is scientists are still working on it.

There's thousands and perhaps millions of years left until our species goes extinct so even the most complex scientific questions will be answered eventually. Even if some scientific problem is never completely solved, there still must be a solution, and that solution is not magic. Magic is a fantasy. Magic is not real.

Christian scum, Muslim subhumans, Jewish assholes, it's childish to pretend your god fairy is necessary for anything. Every god ever invented is just another word for magic. There's no magic in the universe.

Neil deGrasse Tyson wrote:
There may be a limit to what the human mind can figure out about our universe. But how presumptuous it would be for me to claim that if I can't solve a problem, neither can any other person who has ever lived or who will ever be born. Suppose Galileo and Laplace had felt that way? Better yet, what if Newton had not? He might then have solved Laplace's problem a century earlier, making it possible for Laplace to cross the next frontier of ignorance.

What about the agnostics? I never met an agnostic who wasn't full of it. They say we can't be certain there's no supernatural magic in the universe. Really? Would you idiots say the same thing about the Easter Bunny? Grow up or shut up agnostics. If you can't completely rule out something as childish as magic, you're no less insane than the Bible thumpers and terrorists.

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