Wednesday, February 23, 2011

80% of the students at Texas Christian University are uneducated morons. What a surprise!

Show me a university with the word "Christian" in its name and I will show you a fake university infested with superstitious idiots who know nothing about the most important basic fact of science. It's also interesting that most these theocratic assholes think biology teachers should be forced to dumb down their curriculum to accommodate the Christian death cult, as if a competent biology teacher would ever agree to lie to her students.

You can read their bullshit here. These are university students and they know less about science than students in grade school. Typical Christian retards.

Here's an example of their out of control insanity. According to this fucking-idiot-for-the-dead-Jeebus there is no need for scientific research because nature is too complicated for even the most brilliant scientists to understand. Therefore we have to wait until we drop dead. Then the magic Jeebus man can explain everything. Christians are so fucking stupid they need to be kicked in the head a few thousand times to knock some sense into them.

“I understand that the actual thought process behind Evolution was that humans evolved but it still took a Creator. Even still, Evolution is not a fact. God said that things on earth are too complicated for the human mind and that our understanding will become clear when we get to heaven. There is no science out there that can prove evolution so I don't understand why that is what is taught in schools. This is one nation under GOD, not Darwin.”

"One nation under god, not Darwin." What a stupid worthless fucking piece of shit. Typical Christian subhuman.
Based on responses from 570 TCU students. All graduate and undergraduate students received an e-mail from the magazine directing them to a Web-based survey. Here are the results.
Female 341 (59.8%)
Male 229 (40.2%)

Freshmen 105 (18.4%)
Sophomores 97 (17.0%)
Juniors 108 (19.0%)
Seniors 215 (37.7%)
Graduate Students (7.8%)

Question 1: How familiar are you with the debate surrounding Intelligent Design?
Very Familiar 316 (55.4%)
Somewhat Familiar 215 (37.7%)
Not Familiar 39 (6.9%)
Question 2: Which of the following most accurately reflects your view?
Humans evolved; God guided the process 223 (39.1%)
Humans evolved; God did not guide the process 114 (20.0%)
God created humans in present form as described in the Bible 211 (37.0%)
I don't know/I have no opinion 14 (2.5%)
None of these/I have an opinion not listed 8 (1.4%)
Question 3: Is it possible to believe in both God and evolution?
Yes 449 (78.8%)
No 98 (17.2%)
I don't know 23 (4.0%)
Question 4: Do you consider Intelligent Design to be Science?
Yes 202 (35.4%)
No 275 (48.2%)
I don't know 93 (16.2%)
Question 5: Which should be taught in public schools?
Evolution only 175 (30.7%)
Intelligent Design only 36 (6.3%)
Both Evolution and Intelligent Design 322 (56.5%)
I don't know/I have no opinion 37 (6.5%)
Question 6: Which of the following comes closest to your view about the relationship between science and religion?
They agree with each other 253 (44.4%)
The conflict with each other 148 (26.0%)
They're not related/No relationship between them 128 (22.4%)
I don't know/I have no opinion 41 (7.2%)

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