Friday, February 18, 2011

Preachers have been noticing something about their gullible customers. They're very old. Younger people are not showing up for the bullshit.

If you're young and you go to church, did you notice how everyone else your age laughs at you? That's right, when they see you they point and laugh. They say "There goes the Bible thumping retard."

What's going on? Why are the youth of the 21st century refusing to buy the bullshit?

Because it's not fashionable, or in the language of my much older generation, it's not cool to be religious.

There's the internet which gives anyone, even a young person stuck deep in the Bible Belt of the Deep South, access to thousands of normal people (atheists) they can learn the truth from. In the past a young person was unlikely to meet an atheist (who wasn't keeping his being normal a secret) until long after the religious brainwashing was irreversible. Today they can visit this blog or thousands of other blogs and find out their parents are superstitious morons. They can easily find out why Christianity is childish bullshit for cowards.

Then there's the famous atheists they already admire for other reasons. There's the actor who is Harry Potter. He's an atheist and proud of it. I bet there's thousands of young people who threw out the magic god fairy thanks to Daniel Radcliffe.

Another advantage today's youth have is better science education (it still sucks in Idiot America, but it's not as terrible as it was a few decades ago, and many students have highly skilled biology teachers who make evolution a major part of every lesson). When students find out their fairy isn't necessary to explain anything, especially not the diversity of life, it's likely the fairy will be thrown out.

Of course there's still religious young people but I noticed their average intelligence is much lower than normal. Basically they're retarded, as stupid as it's possible to be. I hope they enjoy being ridiculed because that's all they have to look forward to the rest of their wasted lives.


  1. What a wonderful piece! Stating the patently obvious in a manner that gets the message across while loading the satire gun and firing gently. Your wonderful take no prisoners attitude is a gem.


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