Sunday, October 23, 2011

Maybe this is why Christians are terrified of science.

I was just reading this bullshit from a professional Bible thumper at According to their deeds.

He's a minister from Britain so apparently Idiot America isn't the only country infected with the Christian disease.

After numerous Bible quotes, as if that idiotic book of fantasies has any value, he wrote this insane nonsense:

The Biblical teaching on the day of judgement is that Jeebus Christ will examine our lives for hard evidence that we really belong to him. It will be done with God's perfect knowledge of hidden actions and motivations and mitigating circumstances, and it will be shown that those who have truly put their faith in Christ have behaved differently, and they will be graciously welcomed in to God's eternal reward — not for the merit of works that they have done, but by the grace of the one who put that faith and love into them in the first place. Those who do not have this faith and love will be sent into eternal punishment.

It must be noted that Jeebus' only purpose in this judgement is to discover those who have true faith. In this context, he will not judge in order to show that “all the world is guilty before God” — that is the purpose of the law, and it is already complete (Romans 3:19). Jeebus will not expose the works of his followers in order to put them to shame, but exactly the opposite. It is true that some believers will 'suffer loss' on that day (1 Corinthians 3:15) — the scrutinising fire of that day will expose that there was less evidence than they thought of real love for Jeebus, though they will be saved themselves. But Jeebus' purpose is to show, with perfect impartiality, the reality of the faith and love of his disciples, the vast change that he has produced in the hearts of his own.

This part is very interesting: Those who do not have this faith and love will be sent into eternal punishment.

This nutjob believes in a magical hell, a place where dead scientists go to be tortured for not believing in the dead Jeebus.

Could this be why it's impossible for a Christian to accept the facts of evolutionary biology?

I know some of the slightly less insane Christians think they accept evolution, but since they virtually always stick their dead Jeebus in there somewhere they are really batshit crazy creationists. Therefore all Christians are science deniers.

A brainwashed Christian has two choices:

1. Continue being a gullible idiot and be rewarded in a magical heaven.

2. Grow up, face facts, and be tortured for it in a magical hell.

Christians are cowards, they're insane, they're unable to understand anything that doesn't make them feel good, so of course they will always choose number one which is believe in a magical Jeebus who will magically send them to a magical heaven to reward their stupidity, as if eternal boredom can be called a reward.

The same British minister wrote a post about one of my favorite evidences for our evolutionary relationship with our chimpanzee ape cousins at Human chromosome 2 - a creationist response.

Please notice that the Bible thumper calls biologists evolutionists. Christians, biologists are called biologists. Please try to remember that to avoid being laughed at.

Also please notice that science deniers never provide evidence for magic. Instead they always provide bullshit evidence against science, as if that would be evidence for magic. Even if their misconceptions were correct that wouldn't be evidence for their fantasies. They don't provide any evidence for their bullshit creation myth because there is no evidence for it. How could a childish fantasy possibly have any evidence? So they attack science and then they say "therefore magic is true." Science doesn't work that way, Christian subhumans. You can't provide fake evidence against something and expect that to be evidence for something else.

My blog has a post which is a collection of excellent easy to understand explanations of Human chromosome 2 and chimpanzee chromosomes 2p & 2q. It's impossible for a person who isn't insane to study the evidence in this post and still be a science denier.

The British minister has two problems (besides being an imbecile). His part time minister job depends on his not understanding any scientific evidence that conflicts with his disgusting Bible, and he is convinced he will be tortured if he makes any attempt to understand why every single biologist in the world accepts and loves evolution (because of the overwhelming powerful evidence).

So what does the cowardly brainwashed minister do when he writes about one of the countless extremely powerful evidences for the proven beyond any doubt fact we share an ancient ape ancestor with chimps?

What the minister does is very easy for an uneducated moron. He doesn't understand and makes no attempt to understand the point of this evidence which is biologists made predictions about human chromosome two which had to be correct if evolution is true, and by the way those predictions were spectacularly beautifully correct in extreme detail.

Instead the minister writes bullshit like I'm mainly looking at this from an explicitly creationist perspective, but some of this may apply to some intelligent design positions.

Wow minister. Why don't you try looking at this evidence from a reality perspective instead of a magic perspective? Obviously he has decided even before looking at this undeniable evidence for evolution that it couldn't possibly be true. He has completely ruled out the possibility the evidence is correct because that would mean his Christian Death Cult is bullshit. So he writes this ridiculous excuse for not wanting to understand science: The problem with the conclusion, and with much of the discussion, is that it mingles the evidence with the explanation--so the conclusion, as stated, assumes that there was a common ancestor between apes and humans, which makes it difficult to use it as evidence for a common ancestor.

You fucking idiot. Of course every scientist in the world assumes evolution is true. It's been an established basic scientific fact for more than a century you pathetic uneducated moron.

Also, the whole point of the predictions made about human chromosome two is those predictions had to be correct or else biologists would have to throw out 150 years of scientific progress and praise your dead Jeebus. And they were correct. Their predictions could not have been more perfectly correct. There's a beautiful match between human chromosome two and chimpanzee chromosomes 2p and 2q. It's a wonderful scientific discovery but you call the whole thing magic.

Idiots will always be idiots. There is no cure for Christian insanity.


One more thing. If you liked Human Chromosome Two and why it shows evolution is true, you will love ERVs. Please see Endogenous Retroviruses make Jeebus cry.

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