Thursday, November 3, 2011

Scientists prove we share an ancestor with chimps. Then professional science deniers lie about the scientific discovery.

1. Scientist proves beyond any doubt we share an ancestor with chimpanzees.

2. Professional science denier lies about the discovery.

3. Scientist shows why the professional science denier is full of shit.

4. Professional science denier ignores the scientist's rebuttal.

5. Christian science denier blindly believes the professional science denier without understanding his bullshit and without considering the possibility the professional science denier is a dishonest asshole.

Here's an example.

1. Scientist: Three Layers of Endogenous Retroviral Evidence for the Evolutionary Model

2. Professional asshole: Do Shared ERVs Support Common Ancestry?

3. Scientist: Responding to the "Evolution News & Views" articles addressing my essay on the ERV evidence for common ancestry

4. Professional asshole ignores scientist because the bullshit he already wrote is good enough to satisfy his customers (gullible uneducated morons).

5. Christian science denier: PRAISE JEEBUS!!!

A Christian idiot visiting this blog will look at the professional asshole's website and nothing else. Christian morons are morons because they get all their misinformation from morons. Why do they do this? It's because they're too cowardly to consider any alternative to the magical fantasy world they live in. They are willing to completely ignore the entire scientific community so they can continue believing in their childish magical heaven fantasy, never caring that their cowardly wishful thinking makes terrorism possible. Their disease is incurable because they want to be insane. They like being ridiculed. They are stupid because they want to be stupid.

The solution to this problem? Tell their children their parents are fucking idiots. Advise these victims of religious abuse they should save themselves from a lifetime of stupidity. They need to escape from the centuries of superstitious bullshit that is inherited by every new generation. These innocent children must be warned. They are victims but they don't have to be victims. They just have to admit their parents are drooling morons.

"If there's a paper in one of the big journals that discusses more evidence for evolution, there is a creationist hack somewhere who'll quickly write it up and lie about it." -- PZ Myers


If we want to throw out all common sense for one minute and pretend magical creationism is true, then how does magical creationism explain the fact that ERVs are located in the exact same locations on the chromosomes of two different species, human apes and chimpanzee apes. Without thinking (as if science deniers were able to think) the science denier would say those ERVs were magically inserted into both species in the exact same locations by the same magical designer.

There's a big problem with that logic, Christian tards. Your magical creator, according to your Christian Death Cult, magically created the first creatures of every species out of nothing. After those ridiculous magic tricks, your god fairy's work was done. It then let nature take over.

Your problem, Christian morons, is those ERVs were inserted into the DNA of those creatures many millions of years after your fairy's magical creation bullshit. So in this case you can't use your usual childish idiotic common designer bullshit excuse for denying the hard work of all the world's scientists so you can continue praising your dead totally decomposed Jeebus.

The only possible honest explanation for ERVs in exact same locations in two species is those two species (people and chimps) share an ancient ape ancestor and they inherited those ERVs from that ancient ape. This is rock-solid undeniable-proof that people and chimps are distant cousins. We share an ancestor. And please notice fossils were not necessary so you fossil deniers have a big problem, unless of course you want to grow up and stop being cowardly uneducated morons.

Understand Christian imbeciles? Do you get it?

No of course not. You didn't even read this far. You Christian assholes are called willfully ignorant (and fucking stupid) for a good reason.


Normal people might be interested in this video about ERVs. Christian subhumans, don't bother, you're too retarded to understand anything.

ERVs provide the closest thing to a mathematical proof for evolution. And remember, ERVs are just one of the millions of FACTS that support the theory of evolution. Think about it.

Also, normal people might be interested in my previous post about ERVs:

Endogenous Retroviruses make Jeebus cry.


Christians, if you want my respect you have to earn it. That means you have to grow up, educate yourselves, and face facts.

If you can do all that and throw out your dead Jeebus, I am willing to ignore your lifetime of being a know-nothing coward and I will welcome you to the 21st century. You will have my respect.

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