Saturday, October 29, 2011

The resurrection of the dead Jeebus is bullshit.

Sorry about the disgusting picture of a dead human ape but I wanted to demonstrate to Christians what their dead Jeebus would have looked like after decomposing for three days.

Christians, your resurrection fantasy is bullshit for many reasons, including the fact that dead human apes who look like the corpse in the picture stay dead. And thank goodness they stay dead. This planet has enough problems without zombies.

You gullible Christians believe in the resurrection of Jeebus anyway because you believe in magic. Making a decomposing ape return to life is one fantastic magic trick.

There can be nothing more childish than believing in magic. It's so childish even children don't believe in magic, unless of course they were brainwashed by morally corrupt Christians.

It's ridiculous I have to tell you Christians what should be obvious to any five year old. There is no magic in the universe. Period. No exceptions. There is reality and nothing else. Magic is not reality. The supernatural magic you believe in is bullshit.

UPDATE: 1/9/2012
I noticed this is one of my most popular posts, thanks to google searches for decomposing bodies. You people are disgusting.

UPDATE 11/01/2011:

I visited a Christian's blog today and I asked him a question about his magical resurrection of the dead Jeebus fantasy. Here's the entire thread up until I decided to not waste any more of my time with his burning stupidity. I gave up on this idiot after he warned me to not call his dead Jeebus "Jeebus" as if I should respect the childish fantasies of an uneducated moron. The asshole wrote about wanting a "mature discussion" as if there's something mature about believing every single bit of bullshit that tard was brainwashed to believe.

Every single time I pretend to be nice to Christian scum I eventually regret it. Burning insanity can't be fixed. There is no cure for stupid.

Human Ape said...
Sorry, this is off-topic but I noticed in the left column you wrote "I believe he descended to the grave and on the third day he rose again."

The "rose again" part -- that's impossible. But you believe it anyway.

Why? You are probably a victim of religious brainwashing but why not, now that you're no longer a gullible child, think about this fantasy. For example you might want to consider the fact that after three days the internal organs have decomposed more than enough to make them worthless. Your god fairy must have been waving its magic wand like crazy to make this bullshit work.

Christians would be much better off if they learned how to think. Maybe you could try that.
John K said...
Before you accuse someone else of not thinking, I need you to answer me one thing. The whole premise of existence rests on this one question; how did everything in the universe, meaning the elemental atoms and molecules, come into existence? If you can explain this, with solid evidence for your answer, then we can talk about the rest of it.
Without an answer to that question, you are on no more solid ground than I.
Human Ape said...
The whole premise of existence rests on this one question; how did everything in the universe, meaning the elemental atoms and molecules, come into existence?

Cosmologists, including the famous Stephen Hawking, claim they have worked it out. No magic was required.

Whether or not Hawking's ideas are correct doesn't matter. For every scientific problem there is a natural process that explains it. Just because not every problem is solved is no excuse to childishly stick a god of the gaps in there.

Some quotes for you to consider:

Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge: it is those who know little, not those who know much, who so positively assert that this or that problem will never be solved by science.
-- Charles Darwin

If the history of science teaches us anything, it is that what conquers our ignorance is research, not giving up and attributing our ignorance to the miraculous work of a creator.
-- Jerry Coyne

Science is a philosophy of discovery, intelligent design is a philosophy of ignorance.
-- Neil deGrasse Tyson

You believe in magic. You might call your magic "a miracle" or "god" but it's still magic and it's still childish.

21st century scientists do not invoke magic to solve scientific problems. Instead they do research. When they fail, they keep trying. They don't say "I can't figure this out, therefore nobody else can figure it out, and future generations for the next several thousand years won't be able to figure it out, therefore the Magic Man Did It."

That's what you do. You give up and invoke your god fairy and your fairy's magic wand.

By the way, from "god made the universe" to "the dead Jeebus rose from the dead"? That makes a whole lot of sense to you?

If you want to continue with your excuses to not explain how those worthless decomposing organs did not get in the way of the magical resurrection of the dead Jeebus, just let me know and I will waste my time elsewhere.
John K said...
"...I will waste my time elsewhere."
One thing I insist on in a mature discussion is civility. If you insist on using terms like, "Jeebus" I will invite you to carry out your above threat.

Having said that, your quotes are nothing more than the opinions of those who agree with you. Logically speaking, you are appealing to argument from authority, which is meaningless. The same goes for your assertion that cosmologists claim to have, "worked it out." They have nothing more than theories; theories they must have if they are to deny the existence of God. In other words, they have developed their theories to fit their own presuppositions.

Finally, if there is a being powerful enough to create the universe, it is certainly powerful enough to prevent a body's decay for three days. That was my point there.
Human Ape said...
You wrote "If you insist on using terms like, 'Jeebus' I will invite you to carry out your above threat."

Not to worry because I refuse to waste my time with someone who expects me to respect their dead man-god, as if your childish fantasies deserve respect.

Sorry but after the 9/11 religious atrocities it has become immoral to respect religious insanity and I refuse to suck up to it.

"Finally, if there is a being powerful enough to create the universe, it is certainly powerful enough to prevent a body's decay for three days."

Your magic man's magical powers are unlimited, so your problem and all other problems are solved.

Just imagine if scientists invoked your lazy excuse to not think. We would all still be living where you're hiding, the Dark Ages.

Of course I won't be back. I just hope, for your sake, you give up your excuses to not think. Your insane "god can do anything, perform any magic trick, no matter how ridiculous and disgusting it is." is pathetic.

One more thing. I would bet my life savings you're an evolution denier. You probably prefer your fairy's magical creation of every creature out of nothing, instead of more than 150 years of scientific progress. I wonder if you also believe in the Easter Bunny.


UPDATE: 4/25/2012

I visited the tard again at The Lord is Risen and I wrote this comment:

Human Ape said...
Your MAGIC JEEBUS MAN has risen. A stinking decomposing corpse became a zombie, and you worship it.

Your stupidity burns out of control.

You're equal to a terrorist. Equally retarded and equally insane.

Subhumans like you need to be eradicated. Fuck off tard boy.



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